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Should Brock quit for his health? How many brutal beatings can he take?

Home Forums MMA Related Should Brock quit for his health? How many brutal beatings can he take?

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    To sum up his career I saw this on another forum and it says it all:

    [quote]Brock beats a no-name Korean can in his debut. About as impressive as Pudzilla in his debut.

    Comes to the UFC and loses to Mir in very underwhelming fashion. I get it, it was only his second fight.

    He had a harder time with a way past his prime Herring than Fedor, Nog, or Crocop did– just for comparisons sake. This cannot be debated, yet it’s considered one of his best wins. Heath was on his way out and has since all but officially retired from the sport.

    Now here is where the absurdity truly begins:

    Brock suddenly and inexplicably becomes the #1 contender for reasons as clear as day and none of which happen to have anything to do with his fighting prowess.

    With his super-duper wresting credentials, supposed incredible athleticism and 50lb weight advantage, Brock had a very hard time with a 45 year old Couture. He would have been taken down had he not blatantly grabbed the fence on numerous occasions. He should have lost the first round and had a point deducted. To put things in perspective, an absolutely over-the-hill Nog dominated Couture. At that point, Couture was probably the only big-name guy Brock could beat.

    Lesnar beats Mir– his most significant win to date. That’s all it took for Lesnar to become ‘The baddest man on the planet’. Granted, Mir is probably a better fighter than the guy that got smashed by both Vera and Cruz, but those loses sure cast a cloud of doubt about Mir’s resiliency and ability to take punishment.

    He was getting discombobulated by Shane in what will go down as one of the most amateurish fights and God-awful displays in the history of the sport, pulling out a submission that only the comatose and woefully inexperienced (i.e. Carwin) couldn’t escape and only the deaf, blind, and dumb couldn’t sense coming.

    A break-dancing, fence-grabbing Brock once again showed how vastly overrated his wrestling skills and viking super strength are against a talented, yet still relatively inexperienced Cain.

    Some of these points can maybe be argued, but I don’t think that anyone can argue that Brock has been very fortunate that he came in at the time he did or that the hype machine has (sadly) done its job to perfection.

    To those that have fallen for the Brock hype, I pity your gullibility, abhor your so-called MMA knowledge, and question your reasoning skills.

    What is worst about all of this is what the MMA media and Sherdog in particular made Brock out to be. The UFC doing its job is one thing, so-called professional MMA writers doing it for them is another.

    Yes, I’m thrilled. An actual Mixed Martial Artist is the UFC champ. [/quote]

    My point is… who could he actually beat at this point other than Mir and maybe Big country? And hell, I don’t know Big country could maybe put him out.

    How many big ass beatings is he gonna take before he realizes he doesn’t belong in the UFC fighting the top of the top?

    I’d see him fighting lower level heavy weights, but you neve know… Duffee could land a big shot on his head and put him into full panic mode too.

    He’s rich and he doesn’t need to fight. He also isn’t really the hardest worker in the world, contrary to all the farm boy propaganda. He’s a fucking rich brat who hates fighting more than once a year.

    I just don’t see him staying for too much longer.



    Didnt read the whole thing because it was too long, but guys like Nog and Wandy have taken an infinite amount of more punishment, brocks just a pussy.


    Wand and Nog are guys who came from poverty. Fighting is part of their identity and who they are. They are real fighters unlike brock and aren’t really super rich either.





    I think his only chance to beat anybody is a guy with zero take down defense, and good luck finding that outside of Frank Mir.



    I don’t care about his health. I hope I get the chance to watch him take a beating a bunch of times. Nothing better than to watch a big fucking bully get exposed, warms my heart everytime.



    A big fucking bully that went from one fight ever including amateur MMA to the world’s biggest stage and the sport’s best fighters, then came back from life threatening illness to defend his belt against an undefeated beast (that would crush Fedor).



    Unlike your hubby, Fedor has never been crushed, he’s only lost once and that was by a sick submission by a world class grappler. He’s never took a beating in his entire mma career and when he got hit he didn’t turtle up like a little girl. So although I do respect Cain’s ability you saying that he WOULD CRUSH Fedor just goes to prove how much of biased ufc fanboy you really are.



    I still can’t think of anyone in the UFC other than Cain who can beat Brock at this point. To say it’s time to retire is a little ridiculous. That said, his inexperience definitely came through. A more technical Brock is a scary thought though… he’d be unstoppable. And I hate him… can’t help but be impressed though.


    Pug, any wrestle boxer knows exactly how to beat brock now and the thing is, he’s not getting any better.

    His training camp is broken for long term success, and he isn’t going to learn how to strike at this rate.



    good post op


    G Funk

    Sub-oh sounds lame! Sorry Derek but you’ve been coming off as your old bitch-ass self bro. Get a grip!



    Why so angry Tanny? What a waste of time & energy.



    Quit for his health? Unless his bowels quit on him again I don’t see the argument.

    He didn’t finish Herring but he absolutely had his way with him for the whole three rounds. That’s not a landmark victory by any means but I think it’s pretty unfair to hold it over him as some stigma. Herring, whatever else, was a tough veteran.

    Will Lesnar ever be champion again? I don’t think so right now. He can’t take a shot properly and he has other holes in his game but he still has legitimately threatening tools and to write him off as an upper echelon UFC HW fighter is absurd. Were you on the Kool-Aid? Did you think a spider bit him as a child and he has superpowers now – or had until Carwin beat them out of him? Come on. Get realistic.



    Brock would lose to jan nortje and bob sapp. He’s actually not even strong, he’s faking it somehow. I could submit him easily. His punches are weaker than james thompson’s. He’s secretly a midget. Randy Couture actually beat Brock if you look closely. Heath Herring is a woman passing as a man and that’s the only reason Brock beat him. He couldn’t even beat Frank Mir 2 out of 2 times. The Undertaker would have kicked his ass if Brock would have stepped to him. Brock might actually be 3 children manning a haloween suit of a giant freak.

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