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SF posts bigger numbers than last UFC.

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    Fight for the Troops peaked with 2.5 million viewers. Fail, son. Fail.



    i don’t understand your posts. what are you trying to prove?



    Seriously, this shit is just goofy now. 


    But one all strikeforce can muster and one is basically a fight night. Compare it with a challengers card.


    I wonder if he’s in a competition with Volds?



    Also, it just so happens you can get a free year of Showtime right now from most providers as a trial offer.  They won’t do a fifteenth of that on PPV.


    Fight for the troops was on free tv. I’m talking about the last ppv.


    Phx – my point is youre a fucking idiot.


    yeah 125 did 350,000 buys with a gate of 12,000 attendance.

    iron prelims got 829,000

    The fight for the troops was a free cable event with all the patriotic stuff going for it, so it’s hardly a good comparison.


    Showtime is like $12 a month org basically free if you have the highest package. UFC PPVs cost like 4 months worth of a channel …of course there is going to be a higher turn out. Just like how a so called free card, its not free if you pay money jackass, gets 5x the views.



    Nor is putting up a card with two championship fights on a premium cable network against a card beset by injuries and featuring the lowest-drawing champion in the organization a good comparison. See how that street goes two ways, chief? Your Strikeforce nuthuggery would be a lot more interesting if it weren’t always couched in the antiquated rhetoric of the UFC/PRIDE forum wars. 




    you don’t have anything left in the gas tank. you are regurgitating yourself. you are in a loop, cycling through everything you have already said before and getting the same feedback. it’s not about UFC vs. Strikeforce…Strikeforce vs this or that…i don’t watch shows for that reason. I watch it for the fights. I’ll shit on the UFC just as easily as Strikeforce if something is retarded, you are a retarded-master of fallacies.



    Viewers vs. buys

    Ridiculous comparison.

    Do you think every one of those PPV buys watched the event solo? Plus bars, etc.

    guaranteed the actual “viewership” of that PPV matched SF’s, at least.

    Or, switched around, if this comparison somehow “proved” SF being more popular or successful or something, why aren’t they running PPV’s?

    Since, y’know, the UFC’s 300k PPV buys gets them more money than does SF getting 900k to watch on Showtime.



    Oh oooh wow neat… So do you think their 561000 viewers will keep them in business?

    Cable vs PPV? You have no comparison. The sad part is you just brought to everyones’ attention just how bad things are going for SF. I hope they can at least stay around long enough for this tourney to play out, I really wanna see it.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)

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