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SF keeps rolling. Going to show Prelims on HDnet for the Fedor card.

Home Forums MMA Related SF keeps rolling. Going to show Prelims on HDnet for the Fedor card.

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    Looks like SF is getting their shit together. Gonna be a baller year for coker.



    Although I may watch it, NOBODY GIVES A FLYING FUCK ABOUT STRIKEFORCE UNDERCARDS. And they care even less about MMA on HD Net.


    So wrong. So many hardcore to moderate hardcore fans will love this, and its a good step in the right direction.

    People will watch anything. Just look at TUF.



    Can’t be any worse than some of the smaller shows they air. You can also see Fat Timmay on HDNet tonight too.



    Funny, HDNet only got back into Zuffa’s good graces a few months ago.  For the longest time, they couldn’t show any UFC clips on “Inside MMA” because they weren’t allowed.  I wonder if Dana will consider them an enemy again now.



    ^^I’m looking into my crystal ball & the answer is……YES.


    Just because HDNET is airing it doesn’t make it a big deal. HDNET shows a lot of regional shows. It’s nice that they’re doing it, but they’re still outsourcing it to another org.


    Its a big deal because one of the big reasons people bitch about SF was their lack of attention to prelims. (Others being bad commentating team, bad production, ect.)

    Prelims gives them the chance to showcase fighters that haven’t gotten a chance to fight yet like:

    If they sort out their undercards it will let people watch fighters grow and mature and just create more product.

    HDNET isn’t an organization it’s a channel on cable.


    FBM – I think the issue is that they’ll have gone from regional (Which Dana like) to airing national competitor (which Dana no like).  Savvy?


    hdnet is for the queers


    hdnet is for trannys.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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