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SF belt could change ownership multiple x before end of the tourny

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    From ESPN:

    “Beginning with Overeem’s quarterfinal bout against Werdum, each Strikeforce title fight throughout the tournament will be a five-round contest. All other bouts are relegated to three rounds. Should Overeem win out, he’ll have a strong case to be considered the No. 1 heavyweight in MMA. The same could be said for Emelianenko or Werdum.”

    Looks like either the Reem is completely confident in succeeding where Fedor failed, or Werdum has a bit more pull with Strikeforce than we know. Either way this could make the Heavies tournament even more exciting this spring.



    That is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.

    BE has an image up with the bracket. I don’t want to waste time trying to find on Strikeforce’s site.

    Strikeforce can’t even get the brackets right. They have it set up so that Overeem/Fedor will most likely meet in the semi finals. The Dumb asses need to switch Fedor/Silva to the other side, and baring any injuries your more than likely to have a Fedor/Overeem finale that would be a perfect headliner for their first PPV, or their return to CBS.

    Instead they make Overeem’s fights 5 rounders, have the “it” fight in the Semi’s, and the other half of the bracket is full of I don’t give a shit by comparison. Lets say Fedor beats Overeem. We have a 50% chance the the finale will be a Arlovski, or Rogers rematch.

    Could they all be great fights that give us Happy Joy Joy Feelings (sry watched Demolition Man on tv last night) all year long…yup

    Are they running a big risk of people losing interest after the Semi’s…yup



    ^ you are just as misguided here as you are on the front page

    it must be warm under Dana White’s teat

    edit: even your math is dicked up. the probability of a fedor v arlovski or fedor v rogers final is closer to 3% than it is 50%

    double edit: there is almost no (8%) chance of any of Overeem’s fights going 5 rounds (seeing as how in 46 professional fights, he’s gone the distance all of 4 times, the last being in june of 2006) so his fights including championship rounds is largely a moot point



    4 people in the right bracket, two of them are Rogers, and Arlovski.


    2/4×100= 50.00%

    Just basic math, although I would like to see how you came up with your numbers. PM the equations/solutions if you don’t want to post it here. Unless you pulled numbers out of you ass.

    Don’t assume so much.

    Is it unlikely that ANY of these fights go the distance, but for arguments sake lets say they all do. Overeem could have to fight 10 rounds, to Bracket B’s 6 rounds. That is not fair to Overeem, or the people he has to fight. A Grand Prix should be an even ground type of set up, not one branch have different rules than the rest.



    ^^Ur so smart ur dumb.



    ^ my math was fail haha. for some reason i was going with 16 fighters and not 8….no clue what i was thinking. anyhow you forget the step that cuts your numbers in 4th because fedor has a 1 in 4 chance of making the finals. so i guess it’s more like 12.5% but i think my point is still valid.

    also it’s easy to assume that something will happen when the numbers overwhelming support that it will. 92% is a pretty big number. more math for you if there is a 1 in 10 chance that an overeem fight goes the distance (and that’s being generous) then there is a 1 in 20 chance that two of his fights do so in a row (which has never happened before) so i’m fairly confident in my 95% assumption as opposed to your 5% assumption.

    You’re the one who always dumps on people for throwing out random opinions with no facts to back it up. I seem to remember several VERY long posts about it in a (many) previous thread(s). take your own advice homie



    Jawsh uses the Dewey Decimal system.



    I think the one side of the bracket is loaded to get the desired match ups. Fedor v AO/Werdum and then whoever, hopefully Barnett I guess. They don’t want to go through this tourney and not get that match up so it has better odds of happening this way. Feel free to work out the stats.

    I saw somewhere where Coker was gonna try and make them all 5 round fights but not sure if that’s possible.



    I cannot wait for Arlovski to ascend to the Strikeforce title. If Werdum beats Overeem, and Arlovski beats Carrhart-onov, then it is AA vs Werdum for the semi. And AA clowned Werdum last time they met. Arlovski vs Fedor rematch here we go! (I do realize this all rests on the huge assumption that Werdum can get the Reem to the ground)



    ^ no….no its not, not at all actually. you couldn’t be more wrong if you were in fact attempting to be as wrong as possible. because you are literally as wrong as is genetically allowable by the human genetic code. congratulations bro, you have reached the apex of ineptitude.

    bracket fail

    A: arlovski and overeem/werdum are on opposite sides of the bracket

    2: arlovski is terrible and will get splattered by kharitonov and if by some miracle his agro beard deflects sergeys blows long enough for AA to scratch out a SD win he still has freakin josh barnett to moob him to death in the semis.

    and D: if i were to seed the entrants of this tournament from 1 to 8. Andrei Arlovski would probably be seeded at 41 right above weber state and right below prairie view A&M. he’s the worst in the field by that much.



    Not only does Barnett’s unlicensed ass get in this fucking thing, he also gets a cakewalk to the finale.



    one concern i found was this:

    the part about coker wanting to finish this by september could end up being a huge issue because overeem has a K-1 title to defend and the opening round is usually in late september



    Yeah I’m worried the timing of all this could take forever especially considering their track record. Looks great on paper though!



    PRIDE knew better than to put the belt on the line when their champions fought in tournaments. Now Coker will potentially have to lay out the coin to promote several fights as title matches and risk having a dud of a finale. It would be better to just put the belt on the shelf and give this tournament a Grand Prix Champion title or something similar.


    No more of a cakewalk than Lesnar had to the belt. At least he’s fighting guys who are actually HWs. haha

    Apparently it’s still up in the air due to the Commission.

    They have to get approval for 5 round fights for each tourny fight first.

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