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    i know this is just a wikipedia page but if this show actually goes down as listed here (and let’s assume that the TBA vs Paul Daley is someone like Bobby Voelker or Roger Bowling that will be a dumbass and try and stand with him) it will absolutely obliterate the warmed over turd that the UFC is putting forth that same week (UFC on Versus 3, and to be honest it’s looking better than UFC 127 as well) 


    seriously strikeforce, don’t fuck this up.  If you blow this like so many marines’ swamp logged penises in Hanoi i’m giving myself over to the dark side (aka Zuffa)



    Looks like fun! I’m expecting to watch Tate get fucked up pretty nicely.


    If they make it happen everybody will forget their bullshit and kiss SF’s ass.

    It’s amazing to me that so much hate can come from fans themselves. Granted that Fedors management can be a pain, and the Reem is making his own way into the sport, unlike the douchebags from TUF licking up Dana’s table scraps, but COOOOOOOOOOOOOME OOOOOOOOOON you fickle assholes!

    Strikeforce has only be a national promotion for one fucking year!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They have been so busy growing it’s hard to have everything perfect.

    Give them time to iron shit out and enjoy the fights as we go.

    These guys will fight, it’s how they make money.



    I agree with everything in the post above, but i can remember you hating on the UFC as much Subo and Clint hate on Strikeforce.

    I think it’s ok to dissagree and mock some decisions done and stuff.
    but brand loyalty is for fucking schmucks..

    SF 32 looks awesome, Hendo vs Cavalcante, Overeem (!) vs Werdum, Tate vs Coenen, and if we get dale in there it will be fireworks, SF 31 look good as well.


    Julie Budd’s fighting on the next challengers card!

    And Fanboi.Reem, we can criticize something and still enjoy the fights. I don’t like Fedor’s business philosophies, but I LOVE Fedor’s skills in the squared circle (or even SF’s actual circle) and just want him to fight. I don’t care if a fight’s “relevant” in the Subo-sense – only if there are good skills being put on display.


    Holy fuck, this is the Columbus card

    I might actually catch this one live, and unlike last years WEC, I will take a decent camera with me this time.



    The only issue we have is that most of the Strikeforce fights would be considered shit if they were main card fights for the UFC. Yes, they can be entertaining. Ultimately, I think we all want to see the cream rise to the top. Strikeforce’s top is still the UFC’s middle (barring a FEW of their fighters).

    Outside of Uber, I don’t see any of their guys being competitive against the UFC’s top 5 in any weight class. And yes, I’m half paying attention as I write this so I’m sure you can name a couple of guys that would do well in the UFC. BUT NONE THAT ARE WINNING BELTS.



    Reem.Hadouken, comment #3

    I was excited as hell when Strikeforce moved into the void that Elite XC, Affliction, and the IFL’s collapse created. After about 6 month, I realized 60%-70% of what Scott Coker talks about is bullshit.

    My problem with Strikeforce is that they are inept at building momentum with anything.

    Their Challenger shows do not need to exist. They are trying (and failing) to use it as a building tool for up, and comers, but what they are really doing is diluting an already watery product. These fights would be better off as under card, or dark matches for the main Strikeforce cards. Better than using all local talent, and never promoting/showing the fights.

    Their tournaments, and GP dreams may finally be falling into place….after over a year of talking tournaments (still waiting on that middle weight tourney announcement). At this point I join the “I’ll believe it when their in the cage” crowd. Even this recent announcement has nothing to back it up. They have verbally agreed to the fights, not signed contracts. Bellator has managed to pull off several tourneys, and Strikeforce has pull off several press conferences to talk about them.

    Stop touting you CBS deal as the thing that makes you legit. Random cards on CBS is not a deal to be proud of. Talk about things that you’ve done right….like allowing Daniel Cormier to coach on TUF (and getting him more exposure than all of his Showtime fights). You could have grabbed 2 of team Koscheck’s rejects to fight each other, and praise the training they received from him. But you ignore it…like Bully Beatdown, and Mayham being ignored.

    Dana may be a big headed douche, Zuffa may be the evil empire, but at least I can trust 90% of what they say to come true.


    Yeah like I don’t watch every UFC and have tons of favorite fighters in the UFC?

    Everybody is a fan of the UFC if they like MMA. Don’t be dense.

    The problem is that Dana is full of shit and controls the message too much. He repeats the same talking points like fox news and idiots like Subo buy into it and bark them all over the place.

    Like: Brock Lesnar is the baddest man on the planet.

    Anyway this will determine the best HW on the planet

    1. It’s not Brock. His secret is out and he wants to release books and do wrestlemania.

    2. It ain’t Cain, yet. He’s gotta beat JDS and a few more people and he won’t be fighting til the end of the year.

    3. It ain’t JDS cuz he ain’t beat Cain and half the top tier heavies.

    4. Carwin could shine this year if he comes back and fixes his cardio, but he’d have to beat Cain too.

    The UFC just has the problem that their HW division is reset every few years.



    Reem–>every fight sport has their heavyweight div “reset” frequently. That’s the nature of heavies!!


    G Funk

    Why am I always feeling deja-vue in the forums regarding SF/UFC topics?



    becouse brand loyalty is for fucking schmucks.. and it´s a couple of retards in this thread (Uber. Bingo and PWNT)



    The only reason Fedor didn’t get “reset” for seven years was his ability to fight absolute cans in between title fights.

    Oh, and the guy that reset Fedor? JDS put him in a coma as a UFC rookie.



    ^You beat me to it

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