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Sengoku: “Long-Ass Goddamn Card” Results

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    Sengoku’s ridiculously long “Soul Of Fight” MMA/kickboxing year-end extravaganza went down some time last night or this morning or whenever.  You know, Sengoku… that other JMMA org that replaces DREAM’s freakshows and can-smashyness with bouts that make you wonder who is supposed to give a shit.  But at least they’re not about to go bankrupt.  We think.


    Anyway, amongst a bunch of “who?” on the John-Holmes-long card are a few recognizable names, and even a fight that actually matters (how bout that?).  Sherdog has a play-by-play of most of the MMA matches HERE, but here’s some Coles Notes:


    First things first, our pal Roxanne Modafferi’s bout with Hitomi “Girlfight Monster” Akano didn’t even happen, due to Roxy catching a case of gastritis.  Apparently they let the girls get all the way into the ring before the doctors officially nixed the fight, because of course that’s the least awkward way to handle it for everyone involved, right?  Except both fighters were on the verge of tears as it was announced, so yeah maybe not.  Chin up, Roxy.


    In other girl-on-girl action, Megumi “Mega Megu” Fujii restarted her winning ways with a UD win over a surprisingly game Emi Fujino.  Some of those cans got sharp edges, Megumi.


    Two semi-final matches in Sengoku’s bantamweight grand prix went down, featuring guys I’ve never heard of (have you?), so um… good for them dudes who won.  Also, somebody named “K-Taro” Nakamura won a welterweight belt that might as well be made of paper-mache and origami for all it’s worth.


    In the recycling department, Kazuo Misaki, Mamed Khalidov, and Lambada Naratungaqualung all needed less than half a round to thoroughly crush their can-y opponents.  Huzzah! 


    In Sengoku vs DREAM action, Maximo Blanco (I cannot read this name without imagining a brand of cheap high-powered tequila) was awarded a unanimous “must decide” decision victory over Won Sik “Parky” Park after two of the judges initially scored it a draw.  Taisuke Okuno (a late replacement for Dan Hornbuckle) then made it 2-zip for Sengoku by flattening DREAM rep Ryo Chonan in 19 seconds flat.  At least Yoshiro Maeda got DREAM on the board with a first-round TKO over former Sengoku featherweight champ Masonori Kanehara.


    In the headliner and probably only match that matters for jack shit, featherweight champ Marlon Sandro had his streak of knocking opponents into the Land of ” target=”_blank”>Wind & ” target=”_blank”>Ghosts snapped by Hatsu Hioki, who dominated both the striking and grappling and nearly tore off Sandro’s arm twice enroute to a unanimous decision.


    Meanwhile, DREAM will hold its own featherweight title fight between champ Bibiano Fernandes (8-2) and Hiroyuki Takaya (14-8-1) tonight/tomorrow, as well as an utterly ridiculously bullshitty welterweight title match between Zaromskis and Sakuraba that makes the Sengoku WW belt look like the UFC by comparison.  In other words, by New Year’s Day the only JMMA title(s) that are relevant to the greater MMA world in any way, shape, or form will be the Sengoku and DREAM 145-lb belts.  Which of course makes me wish for another champ-vs-champ cross-promotion scrap to basically determine the only JMMA fighter that really matters at all, but I’m not sure I’d hold my breath on that one.


    For those who get HDNet, the event will be aired in two parts on January 14th and 21st, but in the meantime I’m sure this here series of tubes we call the internets will provide. 



    Some quick KO vids (c/w crazy Japanese intros and excitable commentary):

    Maeda vs Kanehara – Kinda early stoppage.

    Okuno vs Chonan – Dan Hornbuckle had to bow out due to a case of Arizona influenza, or at least that’s what the intro seems to be saying.

    Naratungalag vs Nobody

    Khalidov vs Whocares



    hey who won the hatsu hioki/marlon sandro fight???

    edit: hioki! huzzah!


    I’m not commenting till I get to see this tomorrow. Except for this comment, of course.


    hope the full card is floating around soon.



    Sandro vs Hioki (w/ Japanese commentary) in 3 parts:

    Intro & Round 1

    Rounds 2 & 3

    Rounds 4 & 5

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