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Roy Jones Jr Rumored to have early stages of Dementia

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    Roy Jones Jr has been rumored to have speech problems since his last recent KO defeat. During a live HBO broadcast everyone witnessed Roy struggling with the word ‘spectacular’. Although this is the only evidence caught on camera, it only helps cement the concern that those close to him have voicing. Boxing’s Gary Goodridge ladies and gentlemen.

    As long as neither one of them pulls a Chris Benoit it should all be good. One has to wonder if MMA fighters like Chuck Liddell that possibly took one knock out too many have a good chance to wind up with some form of dementia too. His articulation has gotten noticeably worse over the years. Then again so has mine but that’s booze inflicted.




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    I knew someone was gonna whip out the race thing eventually but I was not expecting it in the very first post.





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    G Funk

    Frick’s been pullin a Agent Smith lately with MIB’s!



    the first sign that he was losing his mind was thinking he had anything left in the tank after the glen johnson disaster



    [email protected]

    I thought he did that fight to promote his rap album. That must have been sign #2.



    Jawshy should take Roy under his wing and introduce him to the libary.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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