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Role Model Jon Jones Drinks Jesus Juice, Blesses Pole and Sheds Bentley

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    Jon Jones was warned that fame and money would go to his head. He told everyone he was above all that and that. He said the Lord would always be his shepperd.

    Saturday Jon Jones decided to get closer to Jesus by drinking Jesus blood. Lots of it. He then decided to get divine with a light pole. The light pole apparently was attracted to Jones’ Bentley and wanted to hug it. Selfless Jones felt sorry for the pole and decided to shed himself of material goods and gave the Bentley to the pole. The police were moved by this act of compassion and gave Jones a place to rest for a few hours. After some much needed rest and meditation, Jones’ mother came, made a donation and drove the carless role model home.

    Bless you Jon Jones, keep it real! :)






    he should be dead. for realsies



    Remember this:

     “I’m very comfortable with the UFC putting me out there and trying to use me as one of the guys to promote the sport and bring it to a new
    level. I think if I was a knucklehead and if I was a guy you had to
    worry about getting a DWI or going out and doing something really
    stupid, they simply wouldn’t promote me. I think they see the guy that I
    am, and they trust that. Even though I’m a 24 year old, I’m a
    trustworthy 24 year old.”


    ok that was pretty damn funny



    :'( sniff… such a beautiful thing!

    he’s so magnanimous. how can anyone not love him?


    Is that really his car?



    one car is cut in half. the other car is not. this is bullshit!



    Like Afghanestain is spellet so wierdly when I was
    in shcool i tried to spelt it but I spelled it wrong, than i got yelled
    at for not spelt it right.



    penix, they say he can do amazing things. He got it fixed fast.



    lol.  i and a few others here have said for years.  jon jones is a fucking doucher.  a fake, disingenuous, conceited, overrated doucher.

    if the ufc wants a real man to represent their shitty sport, a real poster boy, the obvious choice is JDS.  not this fake ass christian batman with an authority fetish and no loyalty.  he is a bitch and a snitch.  let him move up to hw instead of fighting guys he towers over so jds can fuck his ass make him humble.  old country way.



    ^^ I do agree. Only problem with JDS is he sounds like a little girl when he is excited. Did you hear him squeal quen he won the belt on Fox live?

    Here is my interpretation of the situation, using the pole Position Racing videogame no less!



    ^ lawls



    It’s a lifestyle bro.



    Funny Leddy.



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