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Rizzo, or Timmy back in the UFC.

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    First off. I am ok with Rizzo, and Timmy getting one last shot. They have both had their moment on top of the UFC.

    I really think that Dana is trying to show a little interest in any heavy weight that is not contracted with Strikeforce/Bellator. You don’t have to be Joe Silva to realize that Strikeforce may need a few extra bodies to pull off it’s 2011 HW plans of everyone fighting everyone.

    My Guess is that he’ll make comments like this to both fighters, and media to delay Strikeforce in signing any back up fighters for their HW plans. I doubt Rizzo will lock into anything in the hopes he wins in Feb.

    Is Dana trying to fuck with Strikeforce? Hell Ya.

    Is Strikeforce stupid for announcing intentions, rather than signing the contracts first?. Yup.

    Is Dana making a zero risk comment that could delay fighters signing with Strikeforce? Yup! Even if he is just bull shitting he can come back with “he didn’t look that impressive in his last fight.”

    So peoples:

    Do you think Dana has some legit interest in the winner’s return to the UFC?



    and no:

    also LAUL at both having 3 fight win streaks
    timmy: Jason Riley, Mariusz Pudzianowski, Paul Buentello (the last two wins via the opponent gassing)
    pedro: Jeff Monson, Gary Goodridge, Ken Shamrock (that’d be awesome….if this were 2000)



    All but Monson. He may not be tearing up the division, but he still has talent.


    Yeah but Monson is also a guy who isn’t exactly taking his shit 100% seriously.


    its 75% fighting 25% sticking it to the man

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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