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Reem vs Duffee is official

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    ^ agreed




    Can’t wait to hear the shit talking on Duffee after he loses.



    That’s insane. #1 v #2 lightweight, Stun Gun v Diaz will be awesome… I could go on



    i also heard it’s an open hand special rules fight. BULLFUCKINGSHIT


    No idiot that’s the Bob Sap’s (the black Lesnar) fight.



    @ subo – it’s an opinion thing. IMO watching overeem fight trumps everything else going on. IMO kawajiri v thomson will be vastly more interesting than maynard v edgar. IMO watching sakuraba’s retirement fight (that he could actually win if he gets zaromskis on the ground) is more entertaining than watching the korean leg humper

    which is why im going to stay up until 8 am to watch dynamite and not waste my money on a card i don’t care about at all


    i just dont want to have to watch 5 hrs of shit to watch probably 5 minutes of a fight.





    Ubereem vs Duff-Man is for the DREAM “interim” HW title.  I’m not sure WTF that’s supposed to mean considering they’ve never had a HW title before, but whatever, it’s Japan.  As the Reem himself says, “Japan is… different.  Let’s leave it at that.”  No shit, dude.


    Overeem, the collector of meaningless belts!!



    Oh, Christ. Japanese MMA, you never cease to disappoint me.


    Duffee just got brutally KO’d in his last fight and gets a title fight? Gotta love Japan. Overeem should be able to get a highlight reel KO over Duffee but Overeem could just as easily sub him. After all he has more sub wins than KO wins in MMA. Pretty impressive for a K-1 WGP champion that comes out of a Kickboxing/Muay Thai gym. Too bad that Overeem isn’t taking his MMA career seriously. FEG probably pays him a lot more than Strikeforce does so I can’t really blame him though.



    who cares? it’s going to be silly and entertaining. like watching lingerie football. doesn’t have to mean anything, just enjoy it damnit!

    I’m just not that into 125

    like at all

    I honestly don;t even have a desire to avoid the results and watch a fight or two on mma-core later

    it’s that uninteresting to me


    No one wants to see Grispi fight? WTF is up with that?

    I thought you cats dug the WEC fighters? What? They get different colored gloves and now they aren’t good fighters?

    FBM Stotch! If he had Sengoku’s belt he’d have both the least valuable and best looking belt in MMA.



    glass – you’re picking the trashy ho over the girl with a future. Habit?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)

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