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Rashad offers to train Rampage for Jones

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    This soap opera just keeps on going.  I guess his hate for Jones has surpassed that of Rampage.


    I think Rampage is a little crazy for NOT training with Rashad. He has to have a fair amount of insight on Bones’ weaknesses (if there are any), plus I would assume that Evans would want Jon Jones’ first title defense to be a failure (therefore Rampage would have a reason to trust him). It would have to rattle Jones a little to know that his former friend hates him so much that he would actually train an enemy to take his belt. For that reason alone Rampage should go out to Florida for a few weeks to mess with Bones’ head a bit.


    Its kinda sad, but I think this shows their level of weakness and won’t effect Jones at all.

    Rashad was the one to turn bitch from the get-go.


    G Funk

    Damn, Rashad pulled a Wahkneetoe



    durp, guy you can beat is fighting guy you can’t beat for the title. you’ll probably fight the winner. whose back would YOU have?


    Can’t wait for Bones to take legit loss so people will stop acting like he is the second coming of Fedor.


    No fighter is invincible.



    Until then, let us have our parade.



    i don’t like this parade.


    No fighter is invincible.

    But fighters have skills and us humans sometime respect them for that as opposed to invincibility.


    I rarely hear or see peole talk about Jones skill, only that he is going to have to move to heavyweight because the only possible way he might lose or have a competitive fight is to fight an opponent in a higher weight class.


    Jones is the youngest UFC champ in history for a reason, he possess a skill set similar to something out of a lab or build-a-character function in a video game, he has the reach, greco/judo hybrid grappling, athleticism and killer instinct to win most of his fights he is in.


    But we have yet to see how his chin holds up to damage, can he fight through pain/injury,how does he bounce back after soundly losing a round, can he adapt to a plan b if his original plan of attack isn’t effective, fight/defend himself off his back, if he can keep up his offense and defense for an entire 5 rounds of fighting. 

    Just because we haven’t seen the weaknesses of Jones does not mean he is without flaw. I will acknowledge the skills and respect the technique, but I still reserve the right to have an opinion about the percieved son of Ares and Shiva.



    Black–>I don’t think anyone said Jones is a fucking god.

    So I’ll say it. JONES IS A GOD. Plus, he’s a native New Yawka!!



    This is pretty close to how I saw Jones the hour after the Shogun fight. This is the only photoshop ive ever done of a fighter not making fun of em. Probably gonna stay that way.


    In case some of you already forgot



    if that crashed your browsers, dont blame me, blame Jon Jones for being so awsome.





    c’mon leti, where is the knee bar to hammer fist, you could of dropped the spinning back kick on v-mat for that piece of awesomeness.


    the knee tap to spinning elbow on o’brian was dope, same for the timed head kick on shogun as he was getting up. the spinning back elbow,forearm,fist on shogun still doesn’t make sense to me but he did actually pull that off.



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)

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