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    IF Randy Couture pulled off a win against Machida, is it remotely possible that his last gift to the MMA world in the cage would be to show us Jon Jones is human? I think so.

    Think about it. He has the wrestling pedigree to make it a lot more difficult for Jones, he has dealt with retard arm length in the past and now we will see how he deals with unorthodox striking. He has the smarts and the experience to deal with Jones and to find holes.

    If I had money to put on one fighter other than Rashad (I only like Rashad’s chances because Rashad knows JJ VERY well in the cage) it would be Couture. My only uneasiness is if he still has enough speed left in him to do what he wants to do.

    Regardless, even if he lost in a championship fight, which is probable, I have the feeling he would probably be able to show the world a flaw in Jon Jones the same way that Hendo and Chael did with Anderson.

    Father Time is the key. His last upheval before finally hanging up the gloves for good.



    hmm he did put away timmy, who has more overall reach since he is 5 inches taller



    If Randy can get past Machida without looking terrible doing it. I’m open to that fight. I’d like to see Randy game plan for Bones.



    Gift?……That’s kind of like Jawshy spreading his gift of ouchie pee. Randle will get hurt……..badly.



    I don’t know what Randy Couture did to you or your family, but this is not the answer.



    I never said he would beat JJ but I think he can expose holes In Jone’s game before being the first death in the octagon. He could essentially set the road map for the eventual defeat of Jones in 2018. I think he is the best choice.


    Ehhh, Sylvia is nowhere as near as fast (or smart) as Jones is and that was 4 years ago. If zombie Nog and Vera were able to outpoint Randy on the feet, I hate to think what Jones will do Randy.

    Besides, the big IF is whether he gets past Machida and I just don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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