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Psychic Ninjas are responsable for Fedor’s loss to Silva

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    Here I thought that Nick Diaz held the “Bat shit crazy” belt……was I ever wrong!!

    Now as most of you know, I am no where near a Fedor nut hugger, but blaming a loss on “forbidden psychological technology”…..WTF!

    How about……Fedor is slowing down due to age, has not kept up with MMA training methods, less desire to fight, and is fighting better opponents. It may not be nice, but better than Psychic Ninja transferring Fedor energy to Silva.

    Maybe if he does fight again, they should recruit Lyn Skip Cassady (or the A Team) to protect him.



    They can’t possibly be fucking serious.



    Those fuckers still believe in the power of witchcraft and gypsy tears, then wonder why eastern Europe continues to lag behind the West.

    Here’s a more plausible reason that’s more psychological than psychic:  Rasputin apparently didn’t bless Fedor before the fight.



    I would like to hear what he meant when he said he didn’t feel right from the start. Maybe this was what he was talking about, not that it’s a legit excuse. Another strange situation surrounding Fedor.


    m1 has officially jumped the shark.



    it took them a week to come up with “psychics mindfucked our fighter”? proof that when your regular intellectual adversary is scott coker, you just get lazy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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