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Overeem: Ranked on potential?

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    YEAH RIGHT Comment #41

    Run it’s fan boy rage!!!!

    Re-read (if you even read it the first time) my Nut Hugger disclaimer (OP), then read your response.

    If you want to be part of a debate over ranking come to the table with intelligent, well though out argument like Grass Hoppa Comment #40.


    If you believe this, why are you wasting your time with multiple replies on a ranking thread?



    Rogers looked like microwaved shit against Warpath.


    what people are still nitpicking over this laaaaaaaaaame


    Thanks for the kind reply pewnt.

    I like having this sort of discussion without all the rage and name calling. Thats what forums are for :) (despite what alot of others think)

    I agree with your list of fighters to beat that should put Overeem on anybodys and everybodys list, no debate.

    I also agree with rogers shitty win.

    Quote: “Beat any one to get top 5. If he destroys them top 3 no questions asked!
    Having a Mir/Crocop style performance may only get 5-7 depending on who it is.

    Fedor Emelianenko
    Josh Barnett
    Antonio Silva
    Fabricio Werdum”

    I really hope Overeem fights one of these guys next, and the sooner the better. I gotta say, i am a bit of a Overeem nut hugger, I love the black n white doco’s he’s doing. He’s not at the top of my list, but i believe he easily could be, and i would love to see him fight any of those best 4 from SF. Hopefully early next year!



    stop being so fucking butthurt.



    Grass Hoppa Comment #48

    “I like having this sort of discussion without all the rage and name calling. That’s what forums are for :) (despite what a lot of others think)”

    Could not agree more. I also have VERY high hopes that Mr. Coker lives up to his word this time, and put all his Heavy Weights against each other in 2011. If not, I hope he learns his lessons about running a promotion with open contracts.



    This will be my last post on this topic. The fan boys are starting to get annoyed, and I see this turning into a flame war soon (more so than it is…lol).

    Ty to:
    Ninja Codah
    PW – Sorry again for the misunderstanding.
    Schrute Boxe
    G Funk
    Grass Hoppa – Ty for bringing a very well thought out counter argument.
    Frickshun – lol

    I appreciate the feed back, and opinions. Thanks for a few jokes thrown in too. If any of you would like to continue the argument, or come up with info I missed please send me a private message. :)

    Ty to:
    yeahright – smile, could could live in Somalia.

    Your fan boy rage has once again proven why I need my ***Nut Hugger Disclaimer*** in the OP. May I suggest some of the web sites I looked through when trying to find out more on Overeem’s Kickboxing record. Ty again for flaming this to the top of the form. It gave a few great posters time to get their thoughts in.


    ***Nothing on Overeem***
    interesting articles on some of the sites.

    ***Some that had Overeem on them in any way, shape, or form*** – He’s here – Listed in the side panel as a famous practitioners. That is it. – Mutiple articles. Some really good reads. a source for Kickboxing record
    Overeem’s Wikipedia page – Source of MMA record


    G Funk

    WTF? An acceptance speech? This isn’t an award show and you didn’t just win a fight, GTFO! ha



    who the fuck is Ty?



    Sorry to feed the trolling:

    Saying thank you to people for taking part in a thread I started is an acceptance speech?

    I try to be polite online, at least to people who are polite to me. Having a screen name to hide behind doesn’t mean I have to be a complete douche.



    Pewnt–>these forums are not like Sherdump or BloodyVagina. We bicker like family but it’s all love.

    Iamphoenix–>you kidding? Heard a funny skit on radio last week. Black, Puerto Rican & Jew talking about “the N word”. After Black & Puerto Rican argued about people using “the N word”, Jew said “Who the hell is Edward?” Then black said “stupid ass nigga!!” HAHA


    I have a better chance of running up to Fedor and cock slapping him than Coker has of getting all of his HW’s to fight each other 😀


    I like it when people cry over rankings.

    Make your own rankings spam it around to make yourself feel better and shut the fuck up.

    Top 10 rankings are stupid, Alistair fights whoever signs on the dotted line and has won his most recent fights in devastating fashion as he should.

    Lets leave it at that and stop arguing over imaginary rankings and who would beat who hypothetically.



    Jericco hit it on the penis head.

    As did frickshun. I hate subo, but couldn’t imagine this place without him. Unless Jackson or Take it Easy! took his place, but they disappeared when the new site came along. Kinda miss those guys.



    I just read Pewnts acceptance speech, what a fag! hahaha oh man that’s good!

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