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Osama Bin Laden is dead.

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    I find it odd that people think this is a time for celbration. 



    How long will it be before video comes out? Not soon enough if you ask me.



    How long will it be before video comes out? Not soon enough if you ask me.


    i cant wait for head shot of the head shots



    obamas popularity at an all time low

    economy still bad

    gas prices are skyrocketing

    unemployment still bad

    people still doubt obama citizenship

    people feel betrayed by obama going in to libya

    recent polls indicate that ron paul could very well beat obama 2012

    how convenient, suddenly bin laden is killed. and his body is quickly “buried at sea”? why is that? why no autopsy?

    remember when jr was in office, it seemed every time his approval ratings took a shit, or when people had enough of iraq or afghanistan, a new “bin laden” video tape would come out


    Now that its all said and done…was it worth it?


    All the shit we did, the soldiers and civilians lost and the actual monetary cost of the Afghan war effort just to kill one guy. I know hindsight is 20/20 but it seems like a monumental price to pay to kill one man.


    I know the war wasn’t just about him only, but at times it did seem that way.


    Can’t believe I am typing this…but thingsvold has a point.


    Even a broken clock is right two times a day and all that other folksy nonsense. One can’t help but notice large scale coincendences and be somewhat skeptical.



    The wicked witch is dead.  And it changes nothing.



    assuming osama bin laden really is who the government has said he is, and was actually still alive

    if ever an enemy needed to be taken alive, its him. imagine the information that could be extracted from him. our government has supossedly connected him to most major terrorist networks in the world. with the info extracted from a captured osl, we would theoretically be able to cripple world wide terrorism. we would win the “war on terror”

    yet the seals were given orders to kill him. they entered the compound using helicopters, fast roped and breached the building. they located osl inside, killing him in an exchange of gunfire? wtf?

    its absurd to believe this horseshit. its so absurd, i have a feeling we will soon be told that the reports of osl being buried at sea are false, and that they actually performed an independent autopsy confirming his death. this too will be a lie, albeit a much more palatable one.



    If Steven Seagal was involved, Binny boy would still be alive.

    I….. agree………… with……………………..volds. I just puked in my mouth.

    I am not a seal or an expert on foreign extraction but isn’t this THE dude you want alive if he is as bad ass as he is said to be? I mean, he is not hidden in a remote hard to get to cave. He is in a house in a rural area. There must have been options galore to get this guy alive.

    I always thought he was shacked up in an American penthouse in Yemen or something after the 9/11 events (notice I use the word event).

    Who knows, we can only speculate. We will never fully know. Something smells more fishy than Jenna’s beaver.



    Osama bin Laden: World Hide & Seek Champion 2001-2011.



    They feed us anything




    Leti & Volds–>this is like the movie “Wag The Dog”. It’s also the reason I don’t give a shit about voting. We are all living in a real life Matrix. I’m just enjoying the illusion… life is pure hedonism.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 80 total)

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