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“Osama Bin Laden In US Military Morgue” – CIA via Wikileaks

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    So now there is a claim that OBL was not buried at sea “according to muslim custom”, (lol), but actually flown on a CIA jet to a US military morgue?

    interesting. the idea that OBL was actually killed in a raid in pakistan was absurd enough to begin with. OBL died of marfan syndrome in 2001, and his body has been on ice since. but to add to the absurdity of the navy seal raid story, the MSM is now suggesting that OBL was not buried at sea with no photos released (the US doesn’t do that, except we do, as evidenced by the bullet ridden corpse photos of Saddam’s sons), but flown to a US military morgue, as revealed by emails hacked by “anonymous” and printed by “wikileaks”.

    but what of “anonymous” and “wikileaks”? we already know that anonymous has been seriously compromised, to the point of destroying their credibility. it was revealed last week that notorious anon “Sabu” had been cooperating with the FBI since june 2011, and subsequently turned in multiple anon around the world. this tells us that “anonymous”, is actually the FBI / CIA, as has been speculated for some time. and “wikileaks” has been questionable all along, as those who have followed their releases from the beginning know that for every bit of info that made the US look bad, there was one that made our enemies look worse.

    so what is to gain from releasing disinformation like this OBL story? it seemed like it had been put to bed already. seals went in, killed him, buried body at sea, seals who were involved all died shortly thereafter when there helicopter was shot down, the end.

    where is this going? i haven’t come to a conclusion yet. why would our government want to put out this conflicting story which implicates them in lying about the exact fate of OBL’s body? a story that makes a liar out of Obama?

    well my first guess is that this is just standard operating procedure in covering up any blatant conspiracy. release as many conflicting stories as you can in order to further confuse and divide those seeking the truth (best example, “who killed JFK?”.

    but i’m anxious to see if this story will be used for more than just that. will pictures of OBL’s body suddenly surface at some point in the future? what impact would that have? could that actually be good for Obama?

    in any case the bottom line is this. even the most delusional Obama cheerleader should now be thinking that there are some serious shenanigans going on here, and that we are being lied to. many of us have known this all along, but even the sheep can no longer deny it. this is bizarre shit happening right in front of our eyes.

    i am going to further research and meditate on this, then report back. i feel i am getting closer and closer to the truth; to discovering the true endgame. if you do not hear back from me on this thread soon, it means i knew too much. but until they get to me, i will continue the fight.



    pictures or gtfo


    of course obama is lying to people. He also knows that since he can claim he killed Osama that will lead to votes. Because a lot of americans are dumb and eat up his hope and change bullshit.


    i am going to further research and meditate on this, then report back.

    change meditate to medicate



    to clarify, i don’t believe anonymous has been fully infiltrated and compromised yet. following somewhat of a “leaderless resistance” model, that would be very hard to do. however at the same time, it makes it much easier for a governmental agency or international cabal to carry out acts in their name in order to bring about a desired outcome. for instance, hack various governmental agency’s websites and hack various banking institutions at the same time in order to turn public sentiment in favor of further restricting internet freedoms. soon you will be scanning your fingerprint and rfid tag before you can surf the net, and you will think this is a good thing that is “protecting” you.



    once again thingvold, you are the purveyor of interesting, insightful, & perplexing questions. i might also add that you do a great service to the readers of this blog by posing said questions.
    thingvolds you have known all along, just as i have, that the u.s. military in no way “buried” bin laden at sea. they only said they buried him at sea so
    as to not stir up the muslim hornets nest. there is really no way that we can
    ascertain the reasoning behind the governments “storing” of the body
    (whether alive or dead). we can be sure, however, that photos of “dead”
    bin laden WILL be released prior to this years presidential election.
    DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOUR EYES TELL YOU. we are all aware of the fact that photographs are easily manipulated with todays technology, and we must understand that this technology WILL be used to deceive the people.
    this whole story is really only a well-timed distraction to keep our focus away from the real pressing issues that the world is facing. though the major
    issue for the world should be resolving the ongoing financial instability worldwide, instead the powers-that-be have thrust an imminent military conflict with iran into the forefront of our collective consciousness.
    as counterintuitive as it may seem, alot of economists believe that the tried and proven way to stimulate economies is world war. therefore i’m looking
    for a two-pronged attack this spring against iran (israel & u.s.) and against
    syria (u.n. & u.s. & e.u.).
    thingvolds, this event combined with others (the specifics of which i will not go into at this point) could very well signal the beginning of a period
    of tribulations spoken of by john the revelator. i’m just sayin’.


    (click only if open-minded)


    Are you suggesting that polictical power is manipulative and deceitful?



    Thingvolds is like our own little Alex Jones.  He’s all about black helicopters and black dicks.



    Better to quote the Darby version, makes things funnier


    Who gives a fuck about osama if he wasn’to dumped over the deck of a ship or sitting in some cold locker. He’s dead.



    is he?


    He is cause I spoke to his ghost the other day. Said some guy shot him in the grill, his words not mine.



    once again i for the most part agree with the conclusions madman has drawn. it does seem logical that the OBL death pics would surface at an opportune time in the future. you would immediately think that time would be before the election. i think the pics being leaked could be a great october surprise that puts obama’s approval rating over the top. however, this would need to be done carefully. you need the public to think the pics are the original pics that were said to be seen by select US congressmen taken before the burial at sea, and not pics that may have been taken at any other time, such as in a US morgue as this story suggests.

    still, this is curious in my mind. i feel as if this election was predetermined from the beginning, mostly through the media presentation of the candidates but also through events such as the OBL killing and even potential voter fraud as we have seen before. so why leak the pics at all? maybe they’ll wind up being used for something else? who knows. one thing is for sure; they will surface.

    and i agree that the syria intervention is absolutely imminent. we’re seeing it play out very similarly to the way iraq and libya played out. it’s inevitable.

    the iran invasion is a bit more interesting to me. while i agree it also is coming, the powers that be seem to be taking a different tact towards it. i see obama has been stating that an attack by the US right now would be premature, and that we need to continue to try to solve the problem diplomatically. this type of talk is straight out of the ron paul platform. i believe he is using this line in order to win support back from the millions who have defected from his camp to the ron paul camp. once he has their support and ultimately the election, i expect some sort of atrocity to be attributed to iran, and an invasion to follow. both ahmadinejad and khamenei have warned that israel and the west will attempt to do this in the future.

    interesting links also. i will try to familiarize myself more with thessalonians soon. while i am not the most religious person, i feel it can only help me gain perspective.



    “both ahmadinejad and khamenei have warned that israel and the west will attempt to do this in the future”

    so you’re taking what some terrorist dbags say at face value? Get real man, we don’t have the resources currently for another dual invasion. You see that 1/2 of our fearless leaders cuts are coming from the defense budget that takes up 1/5 of our total budget. Obama is buttfucking the military into oblivion. Its gonna take another decade to unfuck all the bullshit he has done.


    are you retarded? he is cutting back to a level that is still more than pre 9/11

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