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    Ever wanted to play as your favorite UFC fighter in a videogame? FUCK yeah you do that’s why the UFC videogame is boring! Fuck realism so I came across this game browsing on the and I instantly knew what made my boner harder than the minute before, Supremacy MMA. and I wanted to know more about it so I read a little further and found a comment from some asshole named taweeze23 from fucking philly:

    “This game is going to be out future of MMA fighting, It will revolutionize the world of MA fighting Games for gaing systems. It will be the latest and very best MMA gae ever made so far. Cant wait till it comes out.”

    I don’t know what he means by this, but so far I’m intrigued…because there’s one thing you should know is that people who know most about MMA videogames and the FUTURE they don’t have time to spell shit right on the whacky internet. SCREW YOU ENGLISH TEACHERS! IN THE A$$!!! HA HA dollar signs for S’s in your face bitch whatcha think of that? Don’t like it? Then stop being a grammar NAZI! And btw, Nazi’s were too busy killing jewish people to be all concerned about how shits being spelt.

    This is besides the point and further proving it I did more scientific research and one click lead to another, and I ended up on Supremacy MMA’s facebook page!!! here’s a status update from them:

    “Another milestone, and another step closer. Our injury system is looking awesome. Bring on the bruising!”

    BRUISES! This IS revolutionary OMG! BRUISES! This has never been done before in a videogame ever!!! I don’t care if the UFC videogame already did it STFU and stop being an ass.

    So, for on to my next point of why Supremacy MMA is the hipster child of MMA videogames, I clicked some more links and lead me to some dude’s blog where he too has a similar boner as mine(albeit due to the natural size of his dick it is physically smaller than my dick btw, but in terms of who has a harder boner for this game he takes the cake, I take the dick.)


    It’s only on this blog where so far I found actual images of the game, and here’s this bloggers thoughts:

    “Sure the graphics for this game look like shit but who cares. At least they are thinking out of the box.”

    YES! Thinking outside the box to deliver us SHITTY GRAPHICS! I can’t wait until this game comes out! I just hope the “rumors” are true that there will be deaths and serious injuries because that will be so revolutionary in videogames because up until now, there has not been a single death in videogames. This probably will start a trend amongst game developers and I bet after this game comes out they will be so pissed that they didn’t think of having people die in videogames before.

    Dude, if you aren’t full on jacking your roommate off right now because of this game then I don’t know why. If you aren’t, here’s one last reason to jack off the closest male to you, the TRAILER for the game! FUCK YES!

    Just watch it click this link trust me it’s amazing, have I ever lied to you? &feature=fvw

    HA HA HA you want real game footage! NO FUCK YOU! It’s dogs. Why would would you need game footage? It also has tattoo art! Motorcycle sounds! PUNCHING SOUNDS AND SKULLS!!! Seriously though if that trailer didn’t have the words like “illegal and determination” describing what it’s like to be a videgame fighter then the whole project would be stupid. You need words like that to make us believe that you aren’t putting in fairies and unicorns in the game. It all makes sense!! This game is for the hardcores. People who don’t know how to spell, people who like to think outside of boxes and people who love bruises. PREORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!! Don’t be a fag.



    Ha!! Retard.


    The trailer looks like Affliction shirts gangbanged the WEC opening.

    With that little gameplay to show and making trailers they’re fucked and they know it.



    they don’t have shit on their website either. this whole thing is a joke.


    This seems like a game they haven’t even gotten an alpha release ready for, but maybe they’re announcing it to start it “going viral?” Their facebook is filled with “soon” nonsense posts without even a hint of progress. I think they’ve found out how hard their task is and are lookin’ for investors or somethin’.

    The Body language in those stills isn’t too inspiring for a project as anatomically demanding as modeling, rigging, and -as even EA’s MMA showed us- animating an MMA character.

    That bruising update seems a little sad considering it’s most likely just a shader stamping (FOW) effect and has zero impact on gameplay.

    Forget it, I’ve just spent precious seconds on this that I should’ve spent at work.

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