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Obama Not Born In USA, Im %100 Sure

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    barry soetoro aka barak obama was not born in the usa and is not a citizen. he still has not furnished a long form birth certificate from the state he claims he was born in. in fact the governor of that state and every doctor and official who have searched have not found the long form document, because it doesnt exist. obama was born in kenya, where the mayor of his village has confirmed his birth there, and where they have a monument in honor of his birth place. he should be impeached, and the obamabots should be sent to interment camps to be deprogrammed. i know there is a strong contingent of godless heathen libtards on this site who will be offended by this. but the truth shall set you free. there was never any hope, there was never any change. you swallowed the bait whole and still arent man enough to admit you were duped. the truth will eventually come out. im %100 sure, or i will never post again.



    How did I know when I saw this that it was you and not a bot.



    hi subo!


    LOL Subo. I was thinking the exact same thing! When I saw the topic of this thread, I knew it had to be the hogwatcher.



    you are 2 years late.


    im pretty sure if this was real some nutty replublican would have proved it with you know proof


    What? The violent, racist, homosexual is also claiming Obama’s not an American?




    You guys are all idiots. Obama isn’t even Obama. He was assassinated the night he was sworn in to office. The guy running our country is fucking Fred Armison PLAYING Obama:


    you know who wasnt born in america? John McCain. he was born in panama you know that slutty little cuntry that lets sailors enter it every day for the past 100 years… look it up

    sarah palin says she was born in bonner county idaho but i suspect she is actually canadian which would explain her retarded accent.

    mitt romney, first name actually willard, is a mormon enough said



    I’ve been curious if I’ll be tempted to join the dark side once I start making six figures. It’s only a few years away and seems to have happened to most people I know. Will money make me throw away everything that’s important to me so I can hopefully save a few tax dollars? Hmmmmm…..



    @ Clint:

    Don’t you dare put that retarded cunt on us.



    i`m canadian so i say who gives a f**k where he comes from




    ^Bravo Black! I’ve used that same move in the past! Well played.



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 136 total)

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