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NO THQ means no more UFC(videogames)?

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    for those of you who play with the videogames and like shit thq does like the UFC games then start crying. NO UFC GAME FOR YOU

    they(who are they?) should come out with a 16 bit UFC game. I would totally play it bro.


    I’m sure Zuffa has clauses to go elsewhere in case of THQ going tits-up.  They were on the brink before the deal and Undisputed was considered a redeemeing title for them.

    Until now, of course.

    Still a shame about THQ tho.  So many studios and developers getting shafted due to alleged mismanagment.



    Just downloaded the demo last night off PSN but didn’t check it out yet. Never been overly impressed with thq. I don’t see Dana sucking it up and calling EA he’s going to have to go with a lesser developer unless somehow the strikeforce tie somehow bridges that gap.


    thq sucks except for saints row and the fps red faction



    i played a ufc game once in my life and hated it. i rented it from blockbuster, played it once, and returned it. it was so herky jerky and unrealistic that it just wasn’t fun. and attempting finishing moves seemed impossible. maybe i was too used to more fluid controls like in street fighter games, or superior mechanics and gameplay like the boxing games.



    The new UFC demo was pretty good, but only on higher difficulties with stamina on realistic. Sucks for the people who are getting shitcanned. Any of you bitches on PSN?


    I just got the new demo and honestly the UFC mode blows in comparison to Pride mode. Going from soccer kicks and head stomps, to fighting w/ jon jones just isn’t as fun. Thats what THQ gets for making garbage like homefront though.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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