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Nick Diaz – Video is admissible as evidence edition

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    8:55 “I don’t have a license.”

    Did he not film a fucking video, while driving Sep 7??

    Lets all hope that he lost it after Sept 7…..or talking about CSAC fight License. ya that fits in context with flying. Fuck you {insert Stockton slang for Police here}.

    A nice long Nick interview. Great fighter, but it hurts the head to listen to him talk for more that 10 min.

    Like @ 22:35 “Ya, ya know I, I do, I do what I do I guess, but I what my uh my coach, my trainer tell. I do what Cesar, Cesar Gracie Instructs me to do……” Ouch it hurts!! Poor speaking/English I can’t judge (being guilty myself), but don’t try to feed me bullshit.

    Never a boring interview with Nick.



    Did you just interview yourself?


    I’m more concerned with his lack of desire.  He seems like a kid who can’t take care of himself and is relying on Cesar.  Cesar reportedly put this fight together for him and even lied to BJ about it.  But my real concern is his lack of passion for what he’s doing.  I worry something bad will happen and this will be used as evidence.

    He simply does not sound like he should be making life or death decisions for himself.

    I hope I just need coffee and will feel different later.  I wish him the best this weekend.



    Yeah lately he has been sounding like he doesn’t even care if he’s fighting or not. Not quite the passion I would expect from a guy who has his best opportunity in front of him. (still even after blowing a bigger opportunity at GSP)

    Anyway this is dazed and confused Nick Diaz so not much is a surprise with this guy. It does hurt to watch sometimes.


    he needs to be in a home for “special” people



    i wouldn’t change a thing about the dude. if i want to hear someone talk about how much they love fighting or passion or their future or any of that, i can listen to an interview with a million other dudes. mma fighters are more and more like the meathead jock you went to highschool with and less and less like martial artists or individuals.



    Floyd mayweather hates fighting too. But he still owns fools.


    ^he is a cheater

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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