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nick diaz confronts mauro ranallo backstage funny video

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    hey guys ive got a really good mma blog site going on now, anyone interested please check it out

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    •Bas Rutten accidently kicks his student in the hea…
    •Nick Diaz explains how he got into a fight and sta…
    •Nick Diaz shows off his nun chuck skills
    •Nick Diaz Highlight real Hey Nick Nice Shot
    •Nick Diaz confronts commentator Mauro Ranallo
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    dude, your blogger mma site is really bad.

    why the fuck would you come to a really great site like fightlinker and try to link to your shitty blog with recycled content? cut and paste much?

    also, why title your forum post here “nick diaz confronts mauro ranallo backstage funny video” when you didn’t put any of that in your post? you should be ashamed of yourself, your shit is weak even for a blogger site. fix your turd of a blog before you try to show it to people again.



    im not even going to click on that.



    you should know better than to troll around FL seeking approval
    this place is where self esteem goes to die

    pretty sure the jackals have reduced ryan to a semi-comatose state of laying on his couch and eating cat food sandwiches in a futile attempt to summon enough strength to pleasure himself (via masturbation) on more than one occasion.

    i wanted it to be good
    and i was disappoint



    “this place is where self esteem goes to die”



    G Funk

    This is the very definition of Bait & Switch tactic. You just shot yourself in the head dumbfuck… 



    3 weeks and Subo will be writing for that site.


    G Funk

    ^ HA!



    You guys don’t like hummingbirds? Heartless Bastards.

    Subo could be an upgrade to that site. That’s scary.



    …nobody check out the bottom of


    G Funk

    ^Does it feel good to be working for all these places broke?



    i hope you starve to death.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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