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    I found this on Nate’s official website,

    Hey guys it’s me Nate The Great Mardquart. From what I’ve been reading on the internet I didn’t look too good out there against Okami. I thought I was Nate The Great Good = ) Anyway, I don’t know what I did wrong out there, I stayed as cautious as possible and thought that if I looked stupid the whole time I was fighting I would lure Okami in and knockout him out with both my hands at the same time, like a two fisted punch at once like that kid from the 3 ninjas. Remember that movie? It was my favorite growing up.

    I don’t understand Dana White saying that I choked out there because I didn’t choke on anything, nothing was in my mouth except my mouth piece and the taste of Greg Jackson’s penis semen. I fought real hard out there, almost getting punched a few times too. I didn’t want to screw anything up because this fight decided who was going to fight Anderson Silva. I guess I got a little mixed up and thought I was supposed to imitate Anderson. Which I guess wasn’t the case because I sucked real hard out there according to you n00bs. lol. I should have known I wasn’t on stage doing improv. Bruce Buffer had me fooled; for some reason I thought he was Drew Carey and I was on “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” You guys didn’t hear me? I was doing punching sound FX with my mouth because I didn’t think it was a real fight the whole time, I thought we were in pretend. I put two and two together, the first two being the judges saying I lost, and the second two being Dana White saying I “choked” which ultimately (fighter) results in me looking like a giant douche flavored energy drink. Which would be almost cool though, me having my own energy drink…omg I wish that would happen 4realz though. lol

    All I’m asking for is a mulligan. Lets pretend that I didn’t lose and let me fight again. You can call it UFC 122: Ok Now I Know This Is a Real Fight. Simple enough I think because I’m still in Germany, crying in my bathtub. Heck, let everyone fight again and pretend that night never happened because we’re all in consensus that what UFC 122 did to MMA is relatively the same thing as when cyber bullying results in suicide and or murder.

    Thank You Internet Users,


    PS Please purchase my walk in T-shirt if you want to look cool. And if you don’t purchase it you won’t be cool. So buy it. Too be cool. But if you don’t. You won’t be cool, which is the point I’m trying to make here…I have to go train now, which consists of me playing patty cake with my daughters.



    this would be funnier if your other ones weren’t funnier. numsayin?



    Ok Now I Know This Is a Real Fight–>HAHAHAHA.

    The rest was still mostly “ha”.




    I have no desire to see Nate get a rematch with Silva if he looks like that. It’s been a long time coming for Okami, might as well give him his chance. Now I just hope AS beats Belfort cuz Belfort v. Okami doesn’t get me very excited.


    Nate “The Great Against Guys Who Are Smaller Than Me and/or Can’t Wrestle” Marquardt.

    It seemed like he caught some Man Jabs and just absolutely folded. Everything changes once you get hit in the phizz.



    I numyersaying. i’m just glad i found this when no one else did.


    G Funk

    Whats going on behind the scenes in Korea iampenis? Are we gettin ready to kick some commie ass or are we afraid of NorKor’s big Bro?



    ^^I probably know as much as you guys. I found out what happened from I was sleeping when it happened. And besides, I’m just a private, I just want to eat some turkey, play some videogames and bullshit with you guys on here.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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