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My top 10 heavy weight Rankings.

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    no, because Ryo Chonan has lost since then, and it was much longer ago. JDS came in for his Octagon debut and punked a top 5 HW, not #1.



    He has also only fought mediocre opposition since then, the only top fighter he beat since was Roy Nelson, and he’s most significant win was against a fat and unmotivated (it matters) Werdum. JDS is a decent prospect but he’s been spoon fed his opponents, Cain wil send him back to the drawing board.


    yeah jds is all hype


    Well Subo, Brock will never be at the top of the list again, so get used to that.



    Marcio – Getting the #1 HW in the world for your UFC debut is being spoonfed? Also, I totally agree – Werdum showing up fat and uninterested for a UFC fight kind of disqualifies him from #1 consideration, especially given his piece of shit resume since then omitting Fedor – I mean, Mike Kyle and Bigfoot <<<<<<< Roy Nelson and Gonzaga.


    G Funk

    Comment’s #7 & 8 for, the, win!



    Yep, let’s forget that Werdum finished Gonzaga TWICE, never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Werdum would walk all over Nelson by the way.


    By your logic, you have to beat the man to be the man. So Werdum beat fedor, but jds beat werdum so it should be


    If you can say werdum being untrained and unmotivated for his fight against jds is a relevant excuse, then …. i can say fedor unestimating his oppenant in werdum was a relevant reason for his, and that loss totally just doesn’t count.


    Man did you guys miss Wedum’s fight before fedor against Antonio Silva? He barely got through it.

    I think Cain will wrestle JDS if he gets out striked


    G Funk

    Im not defending anyone here but JDS beat Werdum many fights ago, you know, past tense as in the past.(antonym present)



    here are my heavyweight rankings fresh off the cain destruction:

    fyi, this site lets you build, comment and save your own rankings in like 25 different categories. best pound for pound, best knockouts, etc. it’s way easier than typing it out again and again each time.



    Grass Hoppa: that’s not my logic at all, you gotta beat the man to be the man, Werdum was the one that beat the man, he was not the man when he fought JDS 2 years ago, JDS has not fought any top 5 opponents besides Werdum after an all you can eat bbq. By your logic:

    Joaquim Ferreira
    (oh wait Brett Rogers and Big Foot should be ahead of Arlovsky)
    Werdum (but he beat Big Foot so…)

    MMA math is STUPID

    I love JDS agressive striking style as much as the next guy, but come on, that’s a hype train getting out of control, Cain will expose him.



    ^^Agreed on JDS. I love the guy but a fighter like him can only exist at/near the top in the heavyweight div.

    Cain is gonna rape him.



    3. Werdum.

    Beat the best of all time with some trickery


    WTF…. Trickery….come on this is not 1993. Arm bar from bottom. Triangle from bottom. Two common moves combined to a slick sub.

    Fedor fucked up, and didn’t have the “A BJJ black belt has my arm, maybe I should make him stand up.” moment. He had escaped, then dove right back in…..

    If he did a flying armbar, into a frankenstiener, Hadouken, sonic boom….now that’s trickery.

    After Rogers “win” (going all 3 round with warpath…sigh) I would put Overeem at #10. He should be ranked in the top five, but you have to fight someone who is ranked to get there.

    Beyond that good list. Nog below Roy hurts to see, but I can see your point.



    Yes, “trickery” equals “triangling a guy that fucking leaped into your guard”

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