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My top 10 heavy weight Rankings.

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    1. Cain.

    Technical striker and grappler. Fast paced, TKO machine, cardio for days, unshakable, good chin. Full package. Has beaten a former pride and UFC champ in less than one round.

    2. JDS.

    Crisp fast combos, power + punches in bunches. Awesome take down defense, good cardio. Beat Werdum who beat the best HW of all time. Hasn’t had that many impressive wins, but has won impressively. Mirko, Gonazga, Yvel, struve, and Nelson with Nelson being the biggest quality win of his career. If he hadn’t beat Werdum he’d be number 4.

    3. Werdum.

    Beat the best of all time with some trickery, and the best pure BJJ in MMA. No real stand up, and can easily be dropped. He could fall out of the top 10 in one or two fights.

    4. Fedor.

    Still the best HW in the world, though once Cain beats JDS and Carwin i’d have to give it to him. He needs to get back to fighting and beating big guys or he’ll keep slipping, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is the measure stick by which all HW champions are measure.

    5. Brock.

    Beat Frank Mir and barely beat Carwin but is slipping fast. One more loss and I wouldn’t even put him in the top 10.

    6. Carwin.

    Very similar to JDS, in that he hasn’t had the most impressive wins in the world, but has megaton power in his fists, and great takedown defense and size.

    7. Roy Nelson.

    Good ground game and decent striking. Beaten some good prospects. Could easily fall out of the top 10

    8. Frank Mir.

    On a downward slide, but still has some great wins, and great ground game.. we think.

    9. Overeem.

    He’s so far down because 1. He’s in strikeforce and 2. he never fights. He could easily get dedicated to MMA, join the UFC and bust up to the top in no time. He has the skills eveywhere.

    10. Big Nog.

    Barely holding on, mostly due to a lack of good heavy weights to take his place. Hasn’t done anything interesting lately but could still be dangerous.



    jds will get pummeled by Cain….bad. he is more overrated than brock


    i agree with you both



    Honestly, that’s not the worst top ten I’ve ever seen.


    there is a method to my madness.



    why don’t i see ken shamrock on that list?



    1 – werdum
    2 – cain
    3 – fedor
    4 – brock
    5 – carwin
    6 – jds
    7 – overeem
    8 – mir
    9 – roy nelson
    10 – barnett



    1) W
    2) H
    3) O
    4) C
    5) A
    6) R
    7) E
    8) S
    9) ?


    1 y
    2 o
    3 u
    4 r
    5 m
    6 o
    7 m
    8 m
    9 a
    10 !



    1. Werdum

    6. The guy that fucking pulverized Werdum and hasn’t lost since

    That shit makes a LOT of sense.



    Werdum beat the man so he gets the #1 spot, He was very fat when he fought JDS, everyone knows that, I bet he didn’t even train for that shit. Stop acting like that was some kind of awesome win by JDS because it wasn’t, he took advantage of the fact that Werdum was not motivated and showed up unprepared, that’s it.



    What should JDS have done? Trained Werdum up and THEN knocked him the fuck out?



    “he took advantage of the fact that Werdum was not motivated and showed up unprepared, that’s it.”

    So Werdum was fat, unmotivated and unprepared. 3 excellent reasons to deserve a #1 spot.

    You can’t put someone higher on a list with excuses, man. By that standard, Kyle Maynard’s lack of limbs should grant him an even higher ranking than Werdum me thinks.



    He’s #1 because he beat the best heavyweight if not the best mma fighter ever, you gotta beat the man to be the man, the loss to JDS although relevant is not enough to change that fact. Deal with it.

    By your logic, Anderson Silva can never be ranked #1, because he lost to Ryo Chonan so Ryo Chonan must always be ranked above AS, that’s just stupid.



    Back it up a minute…wait, wait, wait a minute.. Werdum isn’t in the UFC…he can’t be number one.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)

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