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my theory on poop gutz interest in returning VIA FLOW CHART!!!

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    I posted this in the comments but it was so brilliant and insightful I decided to do you all a favor and make it into its own thread 

    Mir gets title shot—> lesnar knows he can smash Mir —> lesnar wants shot at the belt if mir has the belt—-> Dana white entertains the idea because he has a boner for money —-> dos santos flattens Mir—-> end of lesnars interest in fighting

    let the hot salty spray of my genius rush down each and every one of your throats


    makes sense… brock might be stupid but he knows MMAmath







    can anyone help me figure out how to use this?



    God I would love to see JDS pound the shit out of Lesnar.


    G Funk

    The bumpkin thinks he’s smart because he nailed a common sense thought? That’s wonderful Jawshy! I know a ‘lil tard who’s gonna get his smiley face sticker today!  


    hey he cant help it… he is a librarian. they dont usually think out side the dewy decimal system



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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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