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More semi-weird judging at UFC 124

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    I just finished watching Jesse “Water” Bongfeldt vs Rafael “Sapo” Natal from last weekend’s UFC 124 show (props to my #1 bookmark for fight vids, Fight Hymn), and once again there was some weird judging down.  All three judges scored it a draw — which I actually agree with — but according to Bruce Buffer, they all scored it 30-30, meaning all three judges must have scored all three rounds 10-10.

    Now, Round 1 was probably the best example of a draw round I can remember, and a pretty exciting one too.  Round 2 was mostly Natal controlling Water on the ground (but not really threatening that much), despite Bongfeldt scoring a knockdown and a bit of GnP right at the start… I could maybe see scoring this one a draw based on weighing the knockdown against Natal’s control of the rest of the round, but I would have probably given it 10-9 to Natal.  But Round 3 was all The Bong (largely due to Napal gassing out), but not dominant enough to earn a 10-8.

    Bottom line, a 29-29 draw should be the result.  Did Bruce Buffer read it wrong, was there some other kind of goof like that, or did these guys really judge this fight entirely even?



    Forgot to mention, Buffer also declared it a majority draw, which would mean only 2 of the 3 judges scored it a draw.  Well which is it, did all three score it 30-30, or only two?  WTF?



    Looks like a good site for vids. Thanks!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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