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    Breen said it best when talking about the awesomeness of last weeks Bendo vs Showtime fight, the best two rounds were the 4th and 5th rounds.


    Imo if you are and your opponent are either a ex champ or have fought for a title you should go 5 rounds.


    Imagine a round 4 and 5 of Machida/Rampage, Hendo/Franklin, Hughes/Serra and how 2 extra round would of either gotten us a finish or some amazing back and forth action.


    Imo more rounds will lead to less controversial decisions, crazy finishes and less fan bitching about judging.


    But just think of all the other shitty rounds tacked-on to the end of shitty fights we’d have to sit through every year.

    And please consider how many guys coast till the end and then decide it’s time to fight. They’d wait till the end of the fifth round to do anything.

    Given the current talent pool in MMA, I think this is one situation where we can say less is more.



    I’m not interested in 2 more rounds for a humpfest but some fights, maybe a title contender fight maybe wouldn’t be a bad idea. Not sure what warrants 5 rounds over 3 other than just cherry picking match ups and giving them more rounds.

    Title shot implications seem like the only reasonable answer. But then Dana would actually have to follow through with them.


    Another quote from Breen that I totally co sign with is “I would take 100 boring 5 round fights to see a round 4 and 5 that Henderson vs Pettis provided”

    Maybe Henderson vs Pettis was a perfect storm of evenly matched high level opponents, or maybe there is something else.

    In both the last GSP and Cruz title defenses we saw two title challengers lose hope halfway through the fight and switched their focus on doing their best to not get finished. Kos and Scotty became self defeated zombies who were only interested in surviving to the bell.

    I know its cool to blame the winners but wtf, if a guy doesn’t throw everything but the kitchen sink he doesn’t deserve to get a title shot ever again imo.



    On your last point I totally agree. You aren’t guaranteed another title shot down the road so you better go for broke when you get the chance. If guys know they are down in a title fight they need to try for a finish at all costs. I don’t understand guys coasting when they are clearly down on points. Maybe they are mentally broke by then is the only reason of thinking.

    I just worry there would be more boring 5 rounders than exciting ones. Sometimes 3 rounds seems like too much to get through. (I am looking at you Nick Lents)



    John Fitch or Gray Maynard for 25 minutes every time out would lead to a massive influx of mma related suicides



    The existence of more boring five rounders won’t make the five rounders that absolutely blow your mind any less awesome. If shitty fights had an effect on my opinion of great fights, I probably wouldn’t be able to watch MMA.


    P W

    So if semi-important fights become 5 rounders, what are we gonna do with the title fights? Turn them into 7 rounders?



    Blackula–>rare occasion I disagree.

    In theory, extra rounds should help w/all the split decision problems. In practice, it’s an issue of the judging coupled w/the fighters themselves not taking enough risk to finish (or straight up negating each other).

    Unfortunately, the reality is that too many guys struggle to make it to the finish line of 15 minute fights. I also don’t think more time to work will make fights “more awesomer”. Also, the reason WEC fights are so entertaining is b/c these guys ARE mid-tier guys, fighting their hearts out for peanuts (essentially). When most of the WEC 155ers fight UFC guys & get smashed, you won’t see these “exciting” match-ups as often.



    man, i can never tell the difference between dj and blackula. merge into one person because i picture you both as black people.

    and, no, no. Just no. No 5 rounds fight. No one wants to see machida 5 rounds every fucking time. No.

    no. I mean it. No. No.


    I am pretty sure dj is a vanilla face and he is good people so I don’t mind being associated with him.

    My criteria for what fight should be eligible was just a possible template, and while 25 mins of sherk/lentz would make watching paint dry as riveting as a snuff film I still think there is a place for non title 5 round fights.



    vanilla face



    Blackula is a genuine chocolate face.


    im cookies n cream faced


    G Funk

    ^Really? You got hunks of chocolate cookie goodness all around?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 63 total)

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