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Military Enlistments Skyrocket Since OBL Raid

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    predictably, military enlistments have skyrocketed since Ubama decided to play his trump card and take Usama off ice

    just like after 9/11 when we were told afghanistan was responsible for 9/11 (turned out to be a lie)

    just like when we were told saddam had WMDs and supported the taliban (turned out to be a lie)

    just like when NFL player pat tilman became a ranger ostensibly to fight terrorism, then was killed by enemy gunfire (turned out to be a lie)

    just like when private jessica lynch fought bravely and heroically against iraqi forces but was captured then saved (turned out to be a lie)

    the sheep are signing up to be cannon fodder for the monetary interests of the elite who look at them as worthless, ignorant pawns

    the propaganda machine is in full gear

    the best thing we could hope for right now would be congress proposing and the president signing into action compulsory military service for all able bodied americans of age

    maybe then the sheep would care enough to actually look analytically at our militarys endevours, and question them

    when a poor, uneducated trailer trash, ghetto black or mexican is sent to be slaughtered, no one cares. “well, its their job, they signed up for it”

    maybe when a middle or upper class kid gets drafted to fight a bogus, unjust war, people will finally have to take notice of whats going on, and make a stand



    and you’re point is? young kids are naive? Who cares tell me something i don’t know. I’m in the army and you’d be suprised how many people enlist buying the bullshit in the ads and thinking that they will magically be transformed into something they are not.


    being poor has always been the biggest reason people join any military, voluntarily.So maybe if you dont like it some much spend less on tinfoil hats and more on poor youths. oh wait republicans only help rich whites.

    Besides you know when else there was a huge jump in new recruits? After Pearl Harbor… can you blame them?



    im not repulican.



    Volds–>I hate conspiracy theorists (who do you decide is telling the truth, asshole??) but I agree with you in spirit.

    I consider most of the Jackals to be fairly intelligent so I don’t know why people want to argue about this.

    DrunkenJunk–>thanks for your input. Probably the most valuable thing anyone has said about this topic in a while.



    “oh wait republicans only help rich whites.” Just plain not true. Those evil corporations and brainwashing ass bag religious groups donate/provide more charity/money/support than any other group. And that’s how it should be, private charity, not forced taxes.


    what are you then thing? Libertarian?

    but that will exclude any groups church people dont think deserve their help. its selective and how much of that moeny is actually put towards good and not just giving bibles away or trying to convert gays




    The Taliban sheltered bin Laden after 9/11, claiming that Islamic customs would not allow them to expel a guest.  Lie?

    And I actually don’t ever think they said Saddam supported the Taliban.



    so what. the army is actually trying to get rid of a lot of motherfuckers.



    at 18 my dumbass joined the marine corps becuase I wanted to be like james bond (there were other reasons too). but it was just before 9/11. at 18 who doesn’t want to see if they can be a badass seal team six member? that age is about testing your limits. fuck that noise now though. 

    overall I think that I made a good decision. but I take advantage of the benefits. too many don’t 



    can’t we just argue over alistair penis?


    whats to argue… you are what you eat



    “The Taliban sheltered bin Laden after 9/11, claiming that Islamic customs would not allow them to expel a guest. Lie?”

    yes, basically. a plan to invade afghanistan was made in the 90s under clinton, long before 9/11. the us was already conducting missle strikes against the taliban in the late 90s. stopping resistance to the trans-afghanistan pipeline through possible “regime change” was at the top of bush’s to do list going into his first term. 9/11 allowed him to do that and much more under the guise of fighting terrorism.

    “And I actually don’t ever think they said Saddam supported the Taliban.”

    they repeatedly tried to connect saddam with al qaeda and the taliban. the evidence never surfaced, but they managed to shift public sentiment in their favor just by making statements that the connection existed. bush, cheney and condi are all on record trying to connect saddam to al qaeda and or the taliban. surely you remember the claim that saddam was seen in prague meeting with a senior al qaeda official? that bit of bogus info was enough to get the flag waving sheeple all in a tizzy. also the main reason they told us to worry about saddams alleged WMD program was the possibility he would supply “the terrorists” with weapons such as a dirty bomb.



    I thought about enlisting after 911. Then I started thinking about paintball and how many times I’ve been peeled in the mask by people who are nowhere near as skilled as a trained killer. Then my chicken shit side kicked in. I have to hand it to the people who actually enlist to serve our country. Seriously peepeehaser…..not everyone can do what you do….and I don’t just mean drawing and mashing Korean mud cleat. Thank you.

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