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maybe silva versus okami in brazil

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    Been waiting for this for a long time.



    you think okami has a good chance dj thunderelbow? might be riots in brazil if silva loses 




    Okami by the decision Sonnen almost won.



    How about your face versus my butt? venue doesn’t matter


    I have a feeling Okami might hump this one out but you never know… silva might have spontanoiusly learned how to wrestle


    Okami’s boxing has improved to the point he’s near the top of the division since their last bout – but top of the division is still Anderson. I think he’ll mix in more strikes with his ground game and now he’s got the power to do it. He could do to Anderson what Chael’s prescriptions lamely attempted.

    I still think Anderson will win, but most fans won’t think it’ll even be competitive whereas I think it can be the toughest fight of his career. But I understand it’s A-Bomb so it could go Charlie Murphy in the opening minute.

    I’m excited to see how it goes.



    Okami closes distance reaching for takedown……Andy forces clinch……shocks Yushin with unexpected strength…….presses the big red button & starts dropping atomic knee bombs on YO’s chinstrap. GOODNIGHT IRENE!!


    okami puts his penis inside anderson. anderson likes it. yushin forces anderson to tap due to strikes, inside his colon.



    ^ ha!


    I think it’s gonna be a combo of Frick and Clint’s predictions.  But I think Frick underestimates Okami’s tactical and strategic intelligence, while Clint overestimates Silva’s Yellow Fever.



    funniest thing you said in awhile clint.

    i would rather not see okami in the cage ever. i bet anderson will let me down and not KO that motherfucker.

    comment breakdown:
    a) i didn’t say anything funny
    b) i gave clint props for a joke for some reason. he’s been slacking in the joke department for a while so i just wanted to give him a white guy high five.
    c) gave my thoughts on what i think may happen in the fight.

    comment breakdown breakdown:
    1) assessed my comment pretty well i guess, everything was covered.
    2) i could throw in a joke in their next time.
    3) maybe i should have just thrown in some random pictures i googled for shits and giggles.




    G Funk

    Random picture for shits and giggles? Check.



    Fucking Phoenix……almost always making me laugh since 2010.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)

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