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    who needs nuts anyways… they are over rated



    totally agreed, there is NOTHING as horrible as chronic pain in your groin. yeah i’d rather be poor and healthy, i was just trying to look at the bright side.

    “what’s the point”as you put it? at this point its just to be a good dad, and have as much fun as i can given my circumstances (watching MMA like a fiend all the time is one of the ways i distract myself). i’m just happy to be alive man. though it is a completely different quality of life when you have to live with chronic pain. you learn to make lemonade out of lemons in that kind of situation, otherwise you’d end up killing yourself. you’d be surprised how many people end up taking their own lives because they can’t deal with it, being in emergency room level pain all the time takes its toll on you. i have awesome kids so it keeps me going. i consider myself a lucky guy.


    Clint, don’t hate on these nuts!!



    Made: there’s hardly anything to do at work, so they’re paying me to watch DJ tutorials and MMA vids on YouTube. More or less. I hear shit gets insane later in the year, but for now…pleased.

    Ruined: broke my nose on Sunday in a freak accident and found out today I might have a skull fracture. As my friend said, “there should be a lot more steps between ‘hit in face by dumpster lid’ and ‘high probability of meningitis.'”

    Made: my significant other thinks my crooked nose is cute.


    If he didn’t think it was cute, would you have beat his ass?


    Made: …. nothing yet
    Ruined: have to go to school



    ruined: iphone brokt (who new it wouldn’t survive being dropped 1100 times?) and they won’t let me resign my contract to get a cheaper one until february, so i get to have a crack whore track phone for 5 months


    thats what you get for having an iphone


    Ruined: tornado/storm knocks out power to my block, preventing me from finishing some desktop publishing for work.
    Made: “thats what you get for having an iphone”



    Made: DJ’s a crabby mcsadpants
    Ruined: No fighty for Matty this weekend.
    Made: Life is fucking good.


    Made: KOTC is on tonight

    Ruined: My bro knocked up his gf. Why are people so stupid? They argue all the time (like frick and his wife), so why bring a kid into that setting?



    Five Bolt…..Do you have any wire hangers or a large staircase? Is your shitzupoopooo or whatever the fuck it is well trained? Pull out all the stops… is your mission Fiver….your mission.



    it’s all about the Royal Tea (like the Nirvana song). a couple of cups of that stuff and she’ll piss that baby right out. my old room mate used to use that shit for birth control. its like a morning after pill for hippies.



    Made: don’t have alcohol class initiation until monday. Getting trashed tonight!

    Ruined: Booty call took a spill and has a nasty bruise on her leg. No banging for a minute :-(


    DP, that is a very disturbing avatar.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 2,269 total)

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