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    Ruined: 50 minutes into a 330 minute block o’ college.
    Made: Probably getting laid later



    Made: Subo said yes to me!!

    Clint–>ironically, the guy that brought me to the Open IS gay.

    Made: Fight w/wife has lasted from Monday to today. Haven’t had to talk to her all week!!



    ruined: getting put on a mandatory 30 hour week at the library because of the goddamn financial crises

    ruined: found out the retard I work with makes $19.44….to fall asleep at his desk/eat cookies/steal my pens/force me to do all the work he is too retarded to do…

    ruined: he is not getting his hours cut

    ruined: health insurance is being cut too (i’ll have to go to the student doctor from now on)

    made: i’ll have more free time to drink myself into a coma


    Made: Seeing your miserable lives crumble 😀
    Made: MFC is on tonite, so it gives me something to watch tonight
    Made: Found a new anime called High School Of The Dead and it’s awsome!

    Ruined: I still have a runny nose.


    damn frick i hope your wife is ok… you i dont care
    Ruined: I think subo said it best in his comment on facebook, i havent heard back from the sweet job


    Ruined: Clint didn’t get the job
    Made: Clint posts GIF of Tawnee’s booty.
    Ruined: Found out an old friend just spent 3 weeks in a coma and 7 in recovery. For a weird german disease that no one understands the source of.
    Made: Last day on antibiotics.


    Ruined: Finding out I have to work all weekend.



    Made: Just watched Enter the Dragon, fucking sweet.

    Ruined: Early start tomorrow at work.


    I’m impressed that DJ knows who Tawnee is.





    I’m a highly decorated bootiologist. WORLD CLASS.



    ^^haha….I asked my doctor what he could prescribe to dull the pain of marriage. He said “love & respect”.


    everyone is world class anymore



    ruined: got crippling nerve damage in my groin from the mesh they used to fix hernias, and have spent the last 4+ years recovering. if you can imagine having Wanderlei Silva hate your balls, and attack them every few minutes for the rest of your life, it’s like that.

    made: for a white guy i have an enormous penis

    ruined: don’t get to use it much because the balls hurt

    made: once the lawsuit is finished i’ll be rich as fuck

    ruined: the wife is leaving me

    made: Hooray! the wife is leaving me! Woo Hoo! now i can finally watch my MMA in peace (she wasn’t a fan)


    What’s the point of being rich if your nads hurt all the time? I would rather be poor, but with healthy nads than rich and in pain.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 2,269 total)

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