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    Made: Great interview for a job where i would go around town and upgrade gas and electric meters. 18.00+ and hour plus incentive pay. I get my own vehicle, fire proof clothing, PDA and work phone.


    Damn son, that sounds too good to be true. I’ll pray to the imaginary guy tonight, just for you.


    yeah allah willing i get this. its only for like 7 months but if i do well i can go and work other cities or states.


    funny part is the lady who interviewed me had been watching the UFC and Strikeforce with co-workers. she thought Frankie Edgar was really fast.


    Good luck man!!!


    Never knew UFC connection would help when interviewing for a job. Sounds better than Target.



    UFC connection totally helps

    Never, ever tell her where you write



    Good for you Clint…..good luck!! And great skill!!!!


    frick i used to use that very avatar way back when



    Made my day: hearing nursing staff referring to me as ‘eye candy’ when they thought I was out of earshot.
    Ruined my day: having to cannulate 92 year old demented people.



    Carcass–>FUCKING GROSS!!


    who knew english nurses preferred wookies



    ^ pot call kettle black much???! or more accurately, freckled northern woodsman calling pasty white trogdolyte furry


    College football returns tonight bitches!!


    damn you got me there and i like your use of troglodyte, even if you misspelled it

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 2,269 total)

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