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Loyalty versus Variety of training?

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    To me, the layperson, school loyalty seems absurd and contradictory to the very nature of MMA, let alone it’s future but it seems important enough to irk Shawn Thompkins.

    SHAWN TOMPKINS: “Well, you know, Vitor has done this before. Vitor sometimes, he gets a little clouded in his head. It’s not that he brought in Mike Tyson or anything like that. Vitor just wanders, you know, and he goes where, you know, what’s happening, what’s famous, what’s popular and he’ll go over there and Mike Tyson isn’t teaching him anything. Neither is the other eight gyms that he’s training at. Just because he’s over at Couture’s and not with me doesn’t mean he’s with Couture’s. Vitor isn’t loyal to anybody. We’ve seen it before.”

    You can read a transcription of his interview with Mauro Renallo at FightBusinessOpinion.



    Vitor is doing exactly what a fighter should do. Go out and learn as many styles as possible. It’s about improving as a fighter….right BJ?



    Depends on the camp……….

    I think GSP does it best:

    – Travel to train with top guys.
    – Bring top trainers into your camp.
    – Have your base (Tristar, and Jackson mma) to help blend you new skills into your existing skill set.
    – Mix up your training partners.

    I think the “camp loyalty” only becomes a problem when a camp become stagnant….Miletich Fighting Systems is a good example.



    or AKA?

    Bringing trainers to your camp costs loot. GSP can afford that, but fighters who are young need to pack a bag and bounce around.




    AKA, ATT, Black House, Wands Fight Team…………

    Your right GSP does have the resources to afford one on one time with the best.

    A smaller camp/young fighters can pool their resources to get access to the same training. Look at what Bader, and friends are doing.

    Young camp. Pooling resources for better training.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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