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    COMMENTARY | One man has never stood for the good and bad of a sport as equally as Floyd Mayweather Jr. does for boxing. His personality is magnetizing with a polarizing edge. His record is defiantly flawless and screams obscenities at the notion of ever contracting a blemish.

    And it all needs to remain exactly the same way (at least for a little while) if the sport ever wants to regain

    the fans it has lost through years of corruption and mundane fights.
    It’s all on Mayweather.

    No other fighter can bring the attention to boxing in the same flashy and “I wish he would lose already” manner that he does to the waning fans of the sport. He makes those who don’t watch boxing on a regular basis pay attention each night he struts into the ring with half-naked rappers and pop culture icons. His fights are like the Super Bowl, drawing regulars and passersby into the hype just so they can be part of the conversation the following morning.

    They watch.

    They watch just to see if he will finally taste the canvas from a lucky punch that slips by his seemingly impervious shoulder roll defense. They watch to see if he will get robbed by the judges as C.J. Ross attempted to do when Mayweather outclassed Saul “Canelo” Alvarez on Sept. 14. Many watch and are disappointed with the outcome while Mayweather makes another $30 plus million to spend on jewelry, cars and his harem of female assistants.

    Rinse, wash and repeat. It’s the same cycle but it’s the only way boxing can stay relevant.

    The sport may be dying for someone to take the reins from Mayweather but not a single person alive is currently capable or ready. Good young fighters like Alvarez are being groomed but still aren’t seasoned or even well liked enough to carry the sport. In the case of Alvarez a win over Mayweather would have done wonders, but he still struggles with the English language which hurts his cross-over appeal.Nike Free Run 2 Dame.

    Danny Garcia (27-0, 16 KOs) is an excellent boxer with the right amount of humility and confidence but he just doesn’t have the excitability factor in his corner. Adrien Broner (27-0, 22 KOs) probably isn’t as good as he thinks he is or even as his record reflects. Not to mention how distasteful his brand is becoming due to foolish antics done in the hopes of becoming boxing’s next big thing.

    The list goes on and stretches across the seemingly infinite weight classes and organizations trying to get their share of the pie. The sport could potentially help itself if there weren’t so many competing promotion companies and television networks working against each other.

    I’m talking to you Showtime, HBO, WBC, WBA, IBF and every other acronym based boxing organization with vested interest.

    So boxing is married to Mayweather with his perfect record and imperfect persona. He has four fights left on his deal with Showtime which could easily find him at 49-0 by the time all is said and done. After his deal is complete, retirement is the most likely predicate following the 30-month agreement.

    Will the sport desperate for another star find one that shines as bright as Mayweather in the next two years? Or will it fade for good the day he drives away from the MGM Grand in one of his lavish luxury vehicles for the last time?

    For now we need Mayweather undefeated even if some don’t want him to remain so. And we have no right to question the manner in which he goes about it.

    He carries the flag for both good and evil in a case where bad means good until another can emerge from his shadow.

    Warren Shaw is a NBA contributor to Dime Magazine and co-host of the weekly basketball podcast “The Baseline”. He has covered various sporting events live while also conducting one on one player interviews. His passion for basketball is seconded by boxing and his work can be found on
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