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Lombard in the UFC!

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    This bit of news flew under the radar (for me anyway) with the Overeem scandal getting all the attention.

    I for one am excited to see Hector Lombard mix it up with some better competition in the UFC’s Middleweight division. He’s looked untouchable in Bellator but he should have some bigger challenges ahead. I say throw him at a top contender like Stann and if that goes well for him give him a title shot. I look forward to his continued wake of destruction and possibly a showdown with Andypants.


    I’m looking forward to seeing him against Weidman and Munoz.

    And if you can’t tell by now, I wanna see anybody versus Silva.




    that guy
    throw him in with vitor belfort after the phenom is done annihilating wanderlei.  that puffed up welterweight lombard would get exposed on the feet by the 3rd or 4th best stand up guy in the division
    make it so!



    how in the christ can you not hate that douche?

    and how in the ever loving shit can you actually think he’d lose any fight against a top middleweight if he doesn’t land a lucky punch?

    these are legitimate questions



    lose = win

    fuck shit balls we need an edit button



    yup. He’s been fighting the bottom of the barrel for years, the shittiest of the shit pile. And they’re gonna through him straight in against a top 5 guy too



    Lombard vs Leben, MAKE IT HAPPEN!



    Ha! Yeah, I look forward to real competition exposing his middling skills, and sending him to the sauna to sweat down to welterweight….where the contenders will further expose him as not truly being UFC-worthy.

    I used to be down with anybody versus anderson too….but then i saw the shit how he gives when he believes they don’t deserve a title shot. if lombard can somehow fluke his way through to a shot…..i wouldn’t mind watching his get picked apart.



    Lombard vs. Stann at UFC on FOX 4!

    Should be a sick fight. Lombard is requesting a random drug test to shut people up about PEDs too.



    ^^Haha!! That’s a real fight???? Stann is gonna make Lombard look like a child.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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