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LOL, Brock Declared “Paper Tiger Turkey” Of The Year! (article, link)

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    the good people at themmahaus have released their top three turkeys of 2010. coming in at #1 is Chael, #2 is Brock, and #3 is Aoki.


    Silver Medal: Brock “The Paper Tiger Turkey” Lesnar

    2010 can be described for WWE wrestler turned MMA wannabe Brock Lesnar as nothing but a shattered illusion. The year started with smoke and mirrors swindling many into believing the hype of Brock as the prime example of a new breed of heavyweight monster, but it ended with Lesnar left battered and without his championship belt, questioning whether or not he would continue in MMA.

    In his first fight of 2010 against Shane Carwin this supposed monster of heavyweight MMA was spanked and slapped throughout the entire five minutes of the first round, nearly being stopped with punches on multiple occasions. Though its true that being beaten does not reveal a lack of heart, it is also true that taking punishment in such a pitiful manner does not become a champion. It wasn’t until the one dimensional brawler Shane Carwin expended his three ounce gas tank that Lesnar was able to secure a poorly applied arm triangle choke which forced Carwin to tap. After the fight the myth of Lesnar was broken beyond repair in the eye’s of all but the most ardent fan boys and media shills. A phony fighter with a glaring inability to absorb punishment had been proven beyond any unbiased doubt. This would be the beginning of Lesnar’s free fall from grace, as his next challenger would fully capatalize on the many weaknesses revealed in the Carwin fight.



    Relatively unproven prospect Cain Velasquez made short work of Lesnar and finished him inside of the first round with absolute ease. During the short fight Lesnar showed the composure of a scared chicken as he flailed, twisted, and turned in a failed effort to avoid taking more punishment, ultimately ending the fight by frantically yelling “NO, NO, NO, NO” in verbal submission to strikes before the referee called the fight, hardly the reactions of even an average fighter, let alone a champion. This wild and desperate plea for his beating to relent stands in stark contrast to Lesnar’s self proclaimed status as the “toughest S.O.B. around” following the Carwin fight.

    Dave Meltzer reported that after being flogged by Velasquez Brock Lesnar was questioning his future in MMA. This entirely unproven neophyte once undeservedly touted, and in some cases still so by shameless media whores, as one of the world’s finest was nearly run out of the sport following a beating, showing a complete lack of fighting spirit, a complete lack of pride. Velasquez left Lesnar with a scar under his left eye which will serve as a permanent reminder that full contact combative sports is no place for a man with the fight and fortitude of a neutered puppy, or, in this case, a scared turkey.




    I hate to defend Lesnar, but he didn’t get run out of the sport, that turned out to be all speculation and schadenfreude. He just disappeared back into his unabomber cabin or whatever and went hunting and shit… which he had said he was going to do even if he won.



    the article states he was “nearly” run out of the sport.



    Terribly written.



    actually its written quite well considering its from a lowly .blogspot page.



    ummm subo just said some was poorly written? are you fucking serious?


    And he’s right, that’s the real tragedy. This is writing so bad Subo was able to tell.



    Cry it out subo.



    Not sure how someone who got the belt in the UFC is a “wannabe,” but anyways.


    Subo hatin’



    who did Brock beat to get the belt? does anyone even remember?

    he beat a scrub in asia, a semi-retired heath herring, a 50-year old light heavyweight and frank pap smir.

    this was your ufc hw champ? brock is a wanna be because he can’t take a punch. because he refuses to let anyone hit him while sparring. this is not a fighter. this is a guy looking for a paycheck.



    he beat an asian scrub in Los Angeles. huge difference!


    Scissors – he seems to be tryin to reverse non-UFC booking negativity onto the UFC, so it’s not gonna make actual sense outside of that context.

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