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Let’s christen this bitch up!

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    I like it. We were supposed to get this last year but it’s worth the wait.


    Mad success. Thank you for not bringing back frames, as well.


    looks good for the most part. the right side panel looks kinda weird since there are like 4 different shades of gray



    dude, that’s to differentiate each section.


    Yeah i want the sidebars to be self-sufficient ‘bubbles’ as opposed to all being attached to eachother. And I’m also working out the css kinks so it’s a more consistent dark grey color



    looks really good only problem I see is the history “member for” time is fucked up. If it imports your old site join date its really off, and if it doesn’t its still fucked cause it just credited me with 4 hours and I just logged on for the first time



    Lookin’ good. It seem like it’s lacking a lot of the quirks of the old site that drove me crazy.



    Someone call off the manhunt – we’ve found Kenty.


    Yeah I spent the last two days trying to get account creation dates and avatars copied along with user accounts but it was a big bag of fail. I still think I might be able to do it though, it’s not something that is impossible to carry over down the road



    its cool Ryan, I was just pointing out a bug I didn’t know if you had seen it


    Any chance of importing the old comments as well?



    you don’t need to import subo hopefully that will save you some work


    do we get an area where we can see if shits been up dated?



    Fivebolt likes men


    ^hahahaha it works


    Ha ha!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)

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