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LESNAREEM to bring in 2012

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    So it has been foretold, so it shall be done.  If Uber wins this he’s a monstrous star, but Brock could still get him down if he hasn’t fully succumb to his advanced vaginitis.

    Who do you got in this one?


    Too hard to say who will win.

    1) Lesnar hates getting hit and Overeem is a K1 champion.

    2) Overeem hasn’t really fought any wrestlers – ever.

    Overeem is strong as fuck, but so is Lesnar. If Lesnar stays busy and turns it into a wrestling match he should be able to take Overeem down and bust him up. He’ll have to finish it early though as the start of each round is when Overeem will be most dangerous.

    Great match making and should be a 1000000+ PPV buy if it’s marketed properly.



    Reem all day. He’s just too damn big to be held down. I think Lesnar is a good knee to the face from calling it quits.


    This could be the making of the newest mega draw if they market it right and if Reem doesn’t Deer-in-Headlights like he did in the Werdum fight.  I doubt Lesnar gives him that chance/reason, but seeing Reem flabbergasted is still is gonna be in the back of my head for a while.



    My gawd the overestimation of Reem’s strength & abilities are STAGGERING. Yes, if he can punch Lesnar in the face, it’s over. But that’s a big if. And if there’s 1 thing we’ve learned from dominant rasslers it’s that if they want it on the ground, it’s going there.



    reem will crush that can and hopefully send him into retirement. that is, if the fight actually happens. personally my money is on lesnar pulling out in late november


    G Funk

    Reem is jacked, but Brock is on a whole other level of jackedness. No wrestling = puncher/kickers chance and that’s it. This, has been proven time and time again.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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