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    G Funk

    Same ol song…



    The corner men in the Jone’s corner make masturbating/jerking off motions with their hands.


    God fucking awful.

    Why do they waste detail on the background arenas?  The fighters could look soooo amazing with more memory and power focused on them.

    But the gameplay would still suck bawls.  I don’t know if something as complicated as MMA can ever be repped with modern controllers.  And motion trackers will limit the physical abilities of the virtual characters to that of the players.

    Oh well, at least we have Fez.



    meh. once they make it so my fighter doesn’t look like a retarded lady getting raped on the ground then i’ll buy it.



    I need to dust off my EA MMA and bring Fedor back to glory!


    @cap, theres a HW dan henderson create a fighter on the fighter share system you can download, just search dan. and then you can relive it how you imagined it.



    ^Thanks for the tip. I want to make sure he can take a MW Hendo first! You on PS3?


    No 360. Too bad cuz ea mma is so dead I would love to have a few people to square off with. Im very doubtful there will be an ea mma 2,  and while im looking forward to ufc 3 (I own and still play both ea and ufc 2010) I am curious as to whivh you preferred , that is if you played ufc 2010. 


    also there was a classic episode of cops where some asstard was denying to the police that he had huffed paint and meanwhile his face and inside of his shirt was covered in gold paint, lol. is that where the idea for your avatar is from. thanks and peace



    ^Oh that’s the guy! I played the ufc game and wasn’t impressed. The sub controls were retarded and guys would get knocked down when it looked like the punch didn’t even connect. I haven’t spent much time with the ea game but I found it for $20 so I grabbed it. I have a 360 also but don’t play it much.


    lol awesome!


    and yeah I prefer ea mma , with all its faults it just plays more realistic, the striking is good and feels more natural due to the total strike control off the sticks like in fight night. I play both even though I have major issues with both and I’m pissed that there may not be another ea game. I like it better and competition was good cause they already stole certain aspects from it for ufc 3, and it drives them to be on their game. 

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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