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K1 Has been SOLD!!!

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    It’s probably going nowhere. Just like K-1!!



    I was reading during the night. Google translate doesn’t like Japanese. From what I am getting is the sale was to cover debts FEG had to them and that the real estate company plans to sell off the assets of K1 (video library, name ect…).

    I could be completely wrong on this, I’m trying to dicypher the garbled English i am reading.


    A few weeks ago during one of his podcasts Joe Rogan mentioned that he had a conversation with Dana White about getting into K1 and bringing it to the states. He never elaborated on what kind of reaction he got but a seed has been planted and who knows…



    Joe had Michael Schiavello on this week, and went into it a little deeper. Basically Dana does not want to create his own competition from the ground up. To much money to compete with yourself.

    Later in the Pod Cast they talk about Mark Cuban buying it out.



    I heard that too and got all excited by the idea of Mark Cuban buying it up…  really unlikely though.  What I’d really like to see at the moment is for It’s Showtime to keep making moves and really take over (and change their name from ‘It’s Showtime’, such a terrible name).



    I don’t see how the possibly the biggest kickboxing promotion ends up broke.



    ^ You heard about the bank bailout, right?


    Have you guys heard that PRIDE is going out of business?  They fill such big arenas, so it seems impossible.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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