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    Considering I secretly wished to be there for Joe Son’s famous gangbang (or was it gangrape? Always get those confused)……one of my greatest pleasures is judging criminals based on their appearance & crime.

    Take a gander as this all-star crew which I have thoroughly dissected based on crime, race, age, hair style, fashion sense & general appearance:

    My faves are Terry Bruner aka Kenny Rogers, Willie Cooper who is “just happy to be part of the team”, Brandon Creasy who asked the arresting officer “Have you seen my baseball?”, Eugene Dillard who said, if given the chance “Would rape you too!!”, Buddy Lashley aka “The Brad Pitt of Georgia”, Arnold “My middle name is fucking Taco” Martinez, Tommy “The Human Snake” Proctor, & finally Connie Williams who gleefully shouted “HA HA HA!! Welcome to Zamunda!!”



    America’s finest. These losers should just watch some porn and stay out of jail.



    was almost certain this was just an elaborate scheme to get us to click on a link to tito’s junk

    well played



    Although I can appreciate a beautiful dick (aren’t they all, zomg)….I’m not “The Hog Watcher”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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