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jones is injured and rashads a bitch

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    last thing is first. rashad is a bitch. then comes

    A source told that Jones is facing a lengthy recovery from a torn right-hand ligament suffered in his title win. A timetable for his return wasn’t immediately available.

    read it all here



    except the rashad part that is just common knowlege 


    this fight is going to bring boring to a whole new level… neither gy wants to lose there spot in line to face the champ


    gods gift to the sport can be injured, surley this is a foul slanderous rumour.


    another injury replacement fight for davis, this kid has had a meteoric rise in competition for a guy who is only 3 years into his career.


    What does Rashad have to do to get some respect, perform a vehicular abortion, molest a reporter? Been a fan of this sport since 08 and have yet to make sense of the Evans hate past the fact that he ended the idea of chuck and forrest as elite level lhw’s.


    its hard to narrow down why i hate rashad. might be because when he started in the UFC he sucked balls, he split a Descision against sam hoger. plus he seems like a whiner



    Yeah Rashart used to be a decision machine and not an exciting one. Credit to him for evolving his game. But he lost me when he says he’s not cocky yet he’s grabbing his crotch and saying punches don’t hurt only to get KTFO. I don’t hate the guy but find it hard to root for him for some reason.

    Clint’s right this Davis/Evans fight could be ugly.


    G Funk

    Phil Davis ain’t no Bones Jones. Rashad will steamroll ’em, as in roll his entire body with emphasis on his groin area back & forth, back & forth. You like that Philly? I knew you would oooooo… 😉

    Evans by KO.



    I’ve been a big Evans fan since the Chuck KO (he fucking SILENCED that arena) and only became a bigger fan after TUF.  He’s going to work Davis.



    Yeah, +1 for Rashard. He’s too technical for Mr. Vunderbar.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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