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Jon Jones vs Bader. Predictions

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    This one is a tossup for me. The only certainty for me is IF Jon Jones slices through Bader, he will be the second coming of Christ. Against Bader, it is unlikely to happen and Bader should actually be considered for the win.



    Jake O’Brien Submission (Guillotine Choke) 2nd round

    Matt Hamill DQ  1st round (I count it as a win in my special Universe)

    Brandon Vera Disfiguration  1st round

    Vladimir Matyushenko Embarrassment  1st round

    4 last fights, 4 finishes, total of 728 seconds in the Octagon.



    Carmelo Marrero  Decision

    Eric Schafer  Decision

    Keith Jardine KO  3rd round

    Antônio Rogério Nogueira Decision

    4 last fights, 3 decisions, one 3rd round KO, total of 3430 seconds in the Octagon.


    I feel the quality of opponents is similar. I am stoked for this fight and cannot wait.


    What is everyone’s crazy predictions for this fight? Bader via KO? Jones via disfiguration?


    I can’t even choose here, since we’ve never seen Jones pushed. I don’t know if Bader has the brains to win this one, but it’s so early in his career I can’t tell.



    Jones is going to shred Bader. I thought Bader was a pretty strong prospect for a minute. He hasn’t progressed enough to this point & although the kid is talented, Jones is on another level.

    Bader won some fights. Jones pretty much embarassed the guys he fought. So if you want to consider them on the same level (I think Jones has fought slightly better comp), look at how each of them fared.

    The line pretty much tells the story here. My prediction: Jones, TKO, rd 1.



    100% agree with frickshun synopsis.

    This one was a coin toss for me. Jones won the toss. Regardless this could be a great fight.



    Yeah for some reason I feel Jones is gonna roll Bader and make it look as easy as his past opponents. Bader is not on his level. People will be screaming for a JJ title fight or at least a top contender after this. I am kind of looking forward to Bader getting beat up. Too bad Jones can’t slap up his butt buddy C.B. while he’s at it.



    Spoiler alert: I made a “No Pick” in the staff predictions.


    I never saw the full shot of the team before, just Ryan and CB – that is pretty badass.

    In a cuddly, fluffy team of bears who live on clouds kinda way.

    I know Jones Should smash him, but fucking wrestlers, man.


    I was a huge JJ fan, but then he startetod bitch about Thiago Silva doing drum rolls on Veras back and Aaron Simpson telling JJ to not take Bader lightly.



    Uh oh……Rod makes 1 sensational prediction in the hopes that if proven right, we’ll think he’s a big MMA brain. If wrong, we’ll just forget about it, like most stupid predictions.

    Bader has NOT impressed me.



    jones is a monster that is worth all the hype, so of course his implosion is imminent. Bader via grapple butt fuck



    I think the winner of this fight is 1 fight away as being #1 contender. Th winner of this fight gets winner of Forrest/Franklin and the winner of that is the #1 contender. Im in Joe Silvas head :D:D:D



    Jones wins if he can sweep Bader from the bottom. However, I see Bader laying on him for 15 minutes.



    Jones was a JUCO champ. He FUCKING RAGDOLLED Hammill, Vera (who held his against Couture) & The Janitor. What makes you think he can’t stop Bader’s shots?? Jones looks skinny, but the boy has strenth & more importantly, TECHNIQUE.



    Jones was a JUCO champ. He FUCKING RAGDOLLED Hammill, Vera (who held his against Couture) & The Janitor.

    This is key.  Wasn’t Vera nearly on the Olympic team at some point?  Bones’ game is pretty fluid and he seems to e incorporating the mechanical pricinples from many arts together to augment his wrasslin’.  His genetics and brains are scary.  Shlurp, shlurp, shlurp.



    ^I bet he loves that pure white stache….so that’s how it got bleached…..

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