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Johny Hendricks believes Georges St. Pierre will return

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    UFC president Dana White has said that deep down he believes long-time welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre will return to fighting one day after his self-imposed leave of absence. Johny Hendricks agrees.

    Hendricks, of course, UGG Ansley Charm 1003323 SANGRIA, lost a controversial split decision to St. Pierre last month at UFC 167 and will now fight Robbie Lawler in March for the vacated welterweight championship. If St. Pierre is anything like him, Hendricks says “Rush” will be back.

    “Whenever I quit wrestling, it took me about five months and I was like, ‘Dude, I really want to wrestle,’” Hendricks told Sherdog this week. UGG 5654 Castagno Payton Stivali.

    “That’s just the competitor in me that I still wanted to be an elite wrestler, but I transferred over to MMA, so I had something to transfer over to, to keep myself motivated and push myself to the limits. I don’t know what GSP’s going to transfer over to, but if he doesn’t transfer over to something that keeps his drive there…I know myself [and] I’d go insane. So I know that’s what’s going to happen is he’ll probably take five, six months, maybe even a year off, and he’ll have the itch to come back and start training again, and once that happens, he’ll be back.”

    One gets the sense that, as in the case of White believing GSP will return, a big part of Hendricks’ prediction is wishful thinking. Moncler Kvinnor Västar Cer Beige.

    If he does come back,” Hendricks went on, “I’m hoping that I’m there to be able to meet him.”
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