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jake rossen makes me feel like a dick

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    glassjawsh has seen the light.

    I read that blog about 5 min ago. lol. I was happy to see a few of the same points I made in my “Overeem:Ranked on potential?”



    Talk to some of the women in your life jawsh – they’ll confirm


    Overeem’s MMA record since he ‘became Ubereem’:

    Brett Rogers
    James Thompson
    Tony Sylvester … TONY SYLVESTER!!!!
    Gary Goodridge
    Mirko Crocop
    Mark Hunt
    Lee Tae-Hyun

    Congrats on the Brett Rogers win but otherwise, am I supposed to be impressed?


    yeah he is a giant roided fish in a tiny pond full of half dead fish


    I’d give his K-1 performances more props but there’s a stagnant pool of the same guys if i’ve ever seen one



    2 points to make, impossible to deny his striking credentials (he did knock badr hari stupid) or that he’s a competent grappler (19 wins by submission)

    also we WILL find this guys ceiling eventually (id bet that he fights barnett/bigfoot/werdum, yes all of them, within the next 18 months….notice who i left out) and he has stated on MANY occasions that his ultimate goal is the UFC



    Well the difference between Lesnar and Overeem (i read the first and last paragraphs, im lazy) is that Overeem has a waay larger skill set. Before you get all gay and say he won a NCAA champ, remember that was 10 years ago. Overeem currently competes at the very highest level of striking. Also, he has qualified for ADCCC, which just goes to say he’s got skillz on the ground.

    “I’d give his K-1 performances more props but there’s a stagnant pool of the same guys if i’ve ever seen one” Well not really. Sure, theres semmy, but who else? The best people in the tourny are Alistair, Gokhan saki, Ghita, and Spong. All pretty new to the Final 8 level.

    I agree you can’t rank him very highly YET, but if you look at him fight you know he should be in the top 3. Until he fights those upper level guys i think #8 is good.

    Rev- He cleared a piss test, what the hell else do you want? It doesn’t matter if you think he roided or not, you can’t talk shit until he fails a piss test.

    Lastly, he has admitted MMA is not his focus right now, with the world GP comin up that’s all he’s really thinking about.

    He has the best striking in MMA and he’s just fucking fun to watch! Can’t we leave it at that?



    Upper level guys like Stefan Struve and Brendan Schaub, both of whom would be his toughest fight at HW to date?

    We can leave it at that when people stop hideously overrating/overranking him. Uberrated. Uberranked. I hope Schilt just beats the piss out of him.



    ^I think cro cop and rodgers are about equal to both of them.

    How is he overrated? What weakness have you seen in him that makes you say he is hideously overrated? I think he belongs in the 8-10 range, what’s wrong with that?

    And if you think stefan struve or brendan shaub would challenge him AT ALL you are retarded and your nuthuggerry has completely blinded you.



    @ subo – the struve comment is the dumbest thing you’ve ever said. Overeem would knee that fool back to beverwijk. yes he’s fought cans (and a cannish cro cop) his last 9 fights, but it’s not like he is struggling with them (a la Takanori Gomi) HE IS CRUSHING CANs (i should get all Socrates on you guys and ask if these guys are getting crushed because they are cans or are they cans because they are crushed??) he hasn’t made it out of the first round in over 3 years. It’s called beating the opponents in front of you (what they used to say about the memphis tigers basketball team a few years ago when they were ranked #1 but played in a conference full of scrubs)



    Memphis almost won the damn tournament. Free throws down the stretch failed them in the championship game. So fail there – they beat some good teams on the way. I think Struve would sub Rogers and Schaub would box Rogers up. The guy was just taken to decision by Warpath, for fuck’s sake.

    Until he beats a HW as good as Struve (A NC DUE TO GROIN SHOTS IS NOT A WIN NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED FIRST), it’s all guesswork.



    Until struve and schaub fight rogers its all guess work. I think rogers would ko em both. Not really, but atleast struve. You are just retarded, it’s fucking impossible to have a discussion with you.



    @ subo – you totally missed my point on that analogy. they were ranked #1 while they were still crushing cans (houston, southern miss, smu) during the regular season. by your logic they shouldn’t have been in the top 25 until they beat someone good. (and even then because they finished the season against nothing but cans, your logic would dictate that we bitch about how long ago their last decent win was)

    also “The guy was just taken to decision by Warpath, for fuck’s sake.” this is a fallacy its like saying “Anderson Silva almost lost his last fight to chael goddamned sonnen for fuck’s sake,he must be terrible” sometimes you just have an off night (and still win)

    edit: damnit i shouldve thought of this in the pewnt, ubereem is overrated thread. BULLETPROOF!



    Yeah Right.

    A Question for you.

    What do these fighters have in common??
    Travis Wiuff
    Bobby Hoffman
    Dan Evensen
    Dan Bobish
    Ricco Rodriguez
    Antonio Silva
    Bas Rutten
    Mike Whitehead
    Justin McCully
    Paul Buentello
    Siala-Mou Siliga
    Jimmy Ambriz
    Ty Lee
    Mike Cook

    They finished Warpath. Something that Brett Rogers could not do. If you watch the Rogers vs Warpath fight you will see that he barely won the decision, and it could be argued a Warpath win.

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