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    So I’ve had a fantasy football team (on facebook) ….mma fantasy teams and on mmaplayground. But nothing gets more realz than picking who you think will die this year. Pick ten people who you think will die in the next year and see if they die!!!! 

    Here’s my ten people who I think will die this year:

    Bob Barker

    Chuck Bednarik

    Osama Bin Laden

    Ronald H Coase

    Dolores Hope

    Gene LeBell

    Lindsay Lohan

    John Madden

    Keith Richards

    Larry King

    They have a lot in common. They are fucking old. So make your picks faggots. One year from now we will come back to this thread, see who got the most right and winner gets to win. Post your picks in this thread after you do it at Rotten Dead Pool so we can compare shlongs. I mean old people. And then shlongs. Ok, just shlongs for now, then old people later. Then shlongs again for a one year anniversary shlong remembrance day. 


    Dick Clark
    Lindsey Lohan
    Bob Dylan
    Kim Jong Il
    Glen Beck, more of a wish than a prediction
    Stephen Baldwin
    Tom Sizemore
    Another obscure Gracie
    Queen Elizabeth
    Big Nog



    There’s supposed to be a point system. Subtract the person’s age from 100 and that’s how many points you get if they die.



    You guys would only get 11 points if I die……



    just pick your fucking 10…sign up for it it’s gonna be so much fun!!!!!



    I hate guessing games. I think I’m no fun.


    I’m going to go with Aretha Franklin. Some say she is sick, some say it’s BS. So I’m betting the house on the Queen of Soul.



    nostradamus death list 2011:

    -Don Henley (please)
    -Betty White (escalator mishap)
    -The Pope (gets herpes on the brain and dies)
    -some random contestant on Wipeout (it was bound to happen)
    -Gus Johnson (chokes on the foot in his mouth)
    -Cyborg Santos (poor guy, lets just say he was naked when it happened…)
    -Steve Jobs (sepsis)
    -George Lucas (turkey neck syndrome)
    -Larry King (decapitated by elderly trophy wife once its realized he is a zombie)
    -Dick Clark (gets poached for his pineal gland, the source of his eternal youth and power)



    god damn you guys are retarded. There’s a fucking database of every person on the site!!! you guys do everything wrong i don’t even know why i tried to make this happen in the first place. butters, you gotta pick ten people, so you totally fucked that up. What’s so hard about choosing who’s going to die this year? Y’all some dumbs fuck. You break my heart fricks.



    and you can’t bet that house. doesn’t make any sense. for each one you get right you get one point. FUck.


    Penix, chillax!!



    seriously yogurt!!!!!!


    G Funk

    This thread is gay.



    Phoenix–>there are some things a man must stay strong in his convictions on. Dead pools are one of them.

    However, I would like to wish death on 2 people:
    My mother-in-law (I think my wife agrees)
    My aunt who took my dead father’s trust fund instead of giving it to me & my sister. FAT BITCH.



    you guys are gay. this makes it feel like i posted this on BE and getting some smug fresh and fruity feedback from hipster bitches eating dick sandwhiches covered in your own jizz because it’s ironic.

    i quit fightlinker!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 67 total)

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