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    Jackals who hate the sport need not apply, figured there should be a thread about the goings on in the crazy world of the sweet science.


    I enjoyed last weeks Khan/Maidana event, nothing like a good dirty war. The liver shot that dropped Maidana in the first would of injured a lesser man. Khan is dope and is damn fast, but gassed and had to run away for the later rounds using the last 10 seconds to try and steal back rounds later in the fight.


    Currently watcing old man Hopkins fight some Canadian guy (Pascal) lets see if one of the best and oldest fighters of our generation still has it.



    I’m not going to post how much I don’t care about boxing.



    remember how awful the jones jr/hopkins fights was? man was that awful. an awful cum dripping piece of awful. boxing is awful sometimes when two sweaty old has beens are leaning on each other for 30 minutes




    Jean Pascal took it! Ive seen him fight a few times live. Great boxer. I love Lucien Bute, I have only missed one of his fights live.



    Khan has some amazing speed. That liver shot was hilarious. When I saw that the first thing I thought was “I bet Bas Rutten just jizzed in his pants”. Don’t think Khan will be beating Gayweather though. I guess we will find out if he really has a chance, because if Floyd thinks he does then he won’t fight him.


    Are you shitting me Letiblue, Pascal didn’t win a round after the 5th, how about Jean puts his belt on the line in the states and see if he leaves with it.

    The Judges gave Pascal an early christmas gift.



    Missed the fight but I was thoroughly unimpressed last time I saw Pascal. Think it was against Bad Chad.


    Pascal is the future of Canadian boxing, he took a 45 year old middleweight to a draw.

    Pascal = future hall of famer.



    Was that sarcasm?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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