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    First forum post fail let me try again.  Not sure why the rest didn’t show up.

    Fedor is booked to fight Pedro Rizzo. 

    I am disappointed they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) get a better opponent.  There aren’t a lot of names out there available to create interest at HW.  Fedor needs to destroy imo to raise his stock.



    Pedro Rizzo.

    I love watching Fedor fight but it is a little disappointing they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do better for an opponent. The only way this is successful is if he destroys Pedro imo.



    Jesus Christ ihavenoideahowthisnewshitworks



    The only way he can find better fights is to fucking sign with ufc but m-1 don’t want none of that shit. yeah he definitly needs to distroy Hizzo, if not its time to retire. Didn’t he say in his last interview that he wanted to fight the best in the states, lying lier.


    They might as well have booked him against Sapp or Sakuraba.

    There is no excuse for not doing the Gracie fight except for M1 (despite all of Fedor’s ability to generate anyone millions in event revenue) being cheap.


    Oh guys, it gets worse, I heard they’ve already booked his next fight – Gary Goodridge.

    There isn’t even a bout agreement, they’re  just gonna jump him while he’s sleeping and upload the vid to Youtube.


    weak, they could of at least got Duffman.


    next stop kyle maynard



    who the fuck else is out there? I’ve literally made a chart before for you ass divers about how hard it is to find unsigned talent in the hw division. 

    zuffa will never sign him and bellator cant pay for him so as long as he chooses to keep fighting (he’s earned the right to stay in the game as long as he damn well pleases) these are the only kinds of fights he’ll be able to make
    stop. acting. like. there’s. a better. alternative.



    it’s god damned groundhog day every time there’s an article about fedor. Fuck m-1, they blew it and stuck a middle finger in the face of all fedors fans. and that finger’s shit stained from being up fedors ass.


    I guess he’s earned the right to continue crushings cans, like Sapp’s earned the right to continue subbing to strikes in the 1st round.



    I give up



    ..oh, and WAR PEDRO!


    i hope pedro destroys Fedor and then doesnt get paid by M1



    this can’t be real

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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