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Is the Star Membership still a “thing”?

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    Firstly, I love Fightlinker.

    I spend far too much time here and I find the community to be intelligent, funny and reasonably good natured – which is almost impossible to say about any other online MMA communty. When new content is on the site it is almost always hilarious and insightful and I look forward to new posts on a daily basis. I’ve been to Ryan’s place for beers/fight nights and I understand the sacrifices the dude makes to live, breath and share MMA with us – Fightlinker is a huge part of my MMA interest. Therefore I would gladly pay $20 (sometimes more when I can swing it) a year to help keep this site going regardless of any speacial membership, radio show, etc.

    That being said, the star membership program probably isn’t very attractive to the casual reader anymore. No radio shows (down from the “promised” 2 per week), no special content EVER and it’s extremely rare that Ryan even posts on a regular basis – even when the MMA world is exploding with new content. I know that Jake is away and thank makes things trickier, but regular posts would at least be something to convince the casual reader to pony up their $20. It’s March 28th and we’re still waiting for the mailbag show from the end of February!

    I’m not trying to bitch as much as airing concern. Thank you to all of the contributors that keep this site going and thanks to Ryan for everything, but this site could really get some more momemtum going with a more strucured schedule for content. If we can help aid in this process all the better – again, I’m not trying to bitch, I’m just concerned that the site is slowing down rather than speeding up much as it could be.




    Mixed Martial Adam…….get over it brother. Fightlinker is what it is. It’s not going to change. It wouldn’t be Fightlinker without broken promises and heartbreak.


    Someone should write a country song about fightlinker


    Oh Canada, full of lazy writers

    Fightlinker is always half dead

    Never has any interviews with fighters

    something is wrong with ryans head

    Can’t make no money

    His buddy just left him

    cant get no honey

    being an athiest is a sin




    Nice try Clint…stick to porn!

    I threw down for a star to get more podcasts. Mainly for my commute. Ironically after that we’ve been getting hardly no podcasts. $20 a year ain’t no big thang so I’ll just ride the wave.


    G Funk

    ^ Country Gold!



    MMAdam–>ur welcome.


    poetry is not my strong suit… since its gay as fuck



    Think of a star membership as like your father… a series of broken promises, lack of attention, and disappointment.

    Your father, not mine.  My daddy actually loves me.



    Me too schmitty….just hugged him this weekend. Sorry Adam. :(


    G Funk

    Fuck you Daddy lovin motherfuckers! Only real men don’t have dads. DADDYYYYY!!!!!!! :-(



    my daddy loves me that much that sexes me on the regular



    in the bumbum


    G Funk

    He’s just trying to inject some nutient in you Chimchiroo. He agrees that you’re lookin kinda malnourished.



    It’s probably all of the immense pressure……..I mean….look at this gem of a site! Try living up to those expectations.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 49 total)

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