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    So far everybody has fought, from the prelims to the co-main event. But once you see this post everyone has already fought and gone home after partying and banging various women at post fight after parties. Also, Pow Son In also said some cool stuff after he beat Bryant Stand. Bryant Stand is a Marine. Pow Son In will also say some pretty cool stuff at the post fight press conference that will get media and fan boys excited, writing what they thought of the pretty cool stuff Pow Son In has said and will probably say or already said at the post fight press conference depending on when you read.

    Here’s a picture of Antonio Bettus before he fought:

    I wonder what he looked liked after he fought. Probably happy because he won. I haven’t found that picture yet. Bear with me.

    Did you know that bears kill 34(thirty-four) people a year on average? Sharks only kill 13. Bears should have their own week on the Discovery channel.

    As I’m writing this Ben Florini is still fighting Jose Elbow. Damn hurry up guys I want to post this already. In other UFC CAGE PUNCH NEWS John Lauzo choked out Marvin Guillard, so out of respect the referee raised John Lauzo’s arm in the air vertically so everyone in attendance knew who won. I’ll wait 5(five) more minutes until the last round of the championship fight is over. If Ben Florini wins this I’m leaving the UFC forever. I’m copying Pow Son In I don’t care. It’s a pretty good threat. But if he loses, Ben Florini will have to leave the division and go full circle to make the jump to the Heavy Wieght Division.

    Well, just checked in with Dana White and Jose Elbow won, so it looks like Ben Florini will have to poor beer on his head. That was the bet right?

    Damn. There’s another stupid fight I forgot about. Franklin Edward vs Greg Maynor. Apparently some blowtard decided to make this a five round fight too. If you watched the Pre-Game Show on FOX then you know that Frank Caliente picked the shortest of the two(2) to(regular to, not too) win. In case you forget, here’s what these guys look like in a picture I’m about to do a googley search for. 


    One of them is Franklin Edward. The other one is Greg Maynor. I’m guessing they will both be wearing fight shorts and official UFC gloves for the fight. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes banana hammocks happen.

    BTW(By the way) Erin Shaver totally looked stupid fighting Arrow Simpson. I felt bad for Shaver because he kept eating punches. Right in his face, usually where you’d like to get hit the least, and he was so determined to get hit there the most. Someone needs to have a talk with him and tell him to cut that shit out. Don’t do it again Shaver. C’mon bro.

    Here’s a broken goat…

    Which reminds me of this dude crying…

    Pham Nam won again as well. This time the judges wrote it down correctly this time, instead of trolling everyone by having Leo Garcio win for some unfathomable reason. Remember how Dana White was all like “I’m giving Pham Nam the win bonus I don’t give a care.” Exact quote. Honest. I checked right on the internet.

    Round one is over in this universe, and guessing from the first 10(ten) fights between these two(2) chances are it’s going the full 25(twenty-five) rounds. Someone wins, someone loses.

    Possible outcome number 1(one):

    Franklin Edward retains championship belt.

    Possible outcome number 2(two)

    Greg Maynor gains championship belt.

    Possible outcome number 3(three):


    I can only pray for number three.













    Haha… fucking nut!!

    PS: Old black guys cry was more shocking than the Edgar finish.



    glad someone liked it… T_T



    Gotta do something when your banned from the chat!

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